Life Partner

Mar 6 2021

<p>Life Partner</p>

I want today to briefly talk about life partner and the person that you can call your soul mate.

I might not be the most eligible to talk about this topic as I am only 23 and, on top of that, not in the relationship at this moment, but I have extreme opinions that I believe to be true.

I will be talking about my only perspective, so whatever gender you are, or you like, you can interchange them here.

Straight away I want to say that the most important person in life, straight after your parents and your family, is your life partner.

I believe that this person must be chosen very carefully because that person will decide whenever you are successful and happy in life, or you are miserable and a failure.


You might not understand what it means to be soul mates, but back in Russia, if you are brought up in the middle-class family, you would be told every day that marriage is important, but what is even more important is glans that happens after you are sure about your partner in the church.

The glans is a ceremony where your soul gets linked to the soul of your partner, and it doesn’t matter whenever you believe that or whenever you are religious or not. From that point on, you look at the person in front of you, and you are one person that only gets complete when you are together.

That process is something that is so intimate and describes exactly what I mean about the choosing of the life partner. If you are going to link your soul to that person, how certain are you of him and how good you are together?

It might seem crazy to say, but I feel that all these questions must be asked and answered on the first date before anything happens as we all are not getting younger. Every day only makes us older and so understanding life and what we want to achieve and with who is one of the most important things to decide.


I think that all of us have a reason for which we are striving to get better, to reach the next milestone or to stay strong when life hits us the hardest. Having an additional person who shares our values and understanding what is most important to us is probably one of the most important things that we can get in life. One brain is good, but two is much better.

You probably never thought of this, but when you have another person you are responsible for, your motivation to work harder and be a better version of yourself gets ignited. You are forced into an overdrive state where you are able to do whatever you want.

Whenever we are left alone, it is perfect for concentration, but going astray is just as easy when you have no-one to remind you of your values. That is why sharing your journey in life with another person is extremely important thing.

Klim Y