Logically think before doing

May 23 2021

<p>Logically think before doing</p>

I hope that I am not alone in this, but sometimes the feelings get the better of me, and I make seriously bad decisions.

And I am not talking about just bad decisions. I talk about decisions that make me work with consequences weeks or even months after that.

The biggest ones are, of course, the small decisions that only take a split second to make but can change the course of your life and the course of everything that you have been working on.

Logicality is probably one of the hardest and also one of the most important traits that a person can have, as logic allows one to really understand what matters and what is the best course of action.

I have all my life thought that I am a logical human being that always puts it above my own feelings and emotions, but in 2021 I have discovered that I have only been lying to myself, and instead of this logical robot, I am a human being that has feelings that dictate what I do and what my desires are.

Personal experience

The biggest thing that made me realise this is that I can have any plans that I want and have any goals, but life can turn around and make me go into a completely different direction.

I can be planning on going to Europe or going on a month-long trip, but life can throw at me something else that will cause everything to flip upside down and cancel and change everything.

I have been looking at my life and have been noticing that this is an extremely common pattern that appears everywhere.

In a life where every single day can change your destiny and everything that you have in store for yourself, planning anything with a timeline higher than a month is incredibly dangerous.

I have been planning on expanding my life and tried going into the SaaS for at least two years, but a couple of lucky encounters and a couple of other opportunities have presented themselves made me turn from this idea into e-commerce and commerce as well as moving to a completely new and different city.

This would have been something that I have never expected to be completely honest, and this has caused me to rethink my entire life.

If around a year ago someone told me about this, I would not have believed this, but over the years, life has proved to me that is exactly how it goes and how one goes from nothing to something.

Logically thinking is important, but be prepared to be swept up your feet.

Klim Y