Love or Don’t love yourself too much

Oct 21 2020

<p>Love or Don’t love yourself too much</p>

Love or Don’t love yourself too much

I have always thought that loving yourself is a great idea.

In fact when I started writing this article at first I had title-

Don’t Love yourself too Much

And I am still uncertain what is the answer to this question.

There is so much research for affirmations and motivation on thinking positively.

There have been books, movies and research papers on this topics of positive thinking.

Why have I only started trying now?

To tell you the truth I have been practicing affirmations for over a month now and some of the ridiculous things that I wrote there are actually starting to take shape.

I am really uncertain if it is just bias of me knowing that I daily read and visualise something or if it is actually getting me to the goal.

I can not answer this, I am lost.

Are Genies real?

The question of “Do affirmations and positive thinking work?” Is the same as “Are Genies real?”

When you see something as a kid and you just stop to fully immerse yourself as you borderline can not believe your eyes?

I think when everyone in their life path sees some results or some effect of affirmations they will have the same moment.

I am not sure when I will have the same magical moment, but I can’t wait.

This quote was supposed to be quite negative but turned out to be just me sharing my personal thoughts.

The most incredible

I think that the best example of affirmations working is Oprah Winfrey. She has said multiple times that she practices positive affirmations as well as meditation daily and if you watch her shows closely, her chants are basically affirmations she is putting into her guests mind.

Ending Thoughts

Gavin Bird has an amazing quote:

If you want to change the way you feel about yourself, first you have to change the way you think about yourself.

All in all:

Affirmations is kinda like mindfulness practice/meditation where you shut everything down and let yourself repeat the same words every day. You go very deeply into your consciousness.

So there can’t be any negative effects. If anything it proves that meditation is a real deal and practicing it will lead to great things in understanding oneself.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Have the best day you can possibly imagine.

Have an even better next day.

Klim Y