Loving What you Do

Nov 9 2020

<p>Loving What you Do</p>

I think that you should find a task what makes your heart tingle with excitement, drop everything else in life and solely focus on that task.

Sometimes you can forget that this feeling even exists as you go on about your life. Doing routine tasks or making an everyday decision on what to do with complete ignorance. That doesn’t help anyone, but it especially works worst for you.

All of us have a stored potential in this life. Right now this potential is limited to planet Earth if your patience is building rockets, great! Write papers and research that area, as this will help you and humanity in the long run.

Your patience is building houses out of matches? Create YouTube, Instagram and all other social platforms and showcase your art and the process to bring immense credibility and promote your name. You might also help the planet and the world with that if you self consciously promotes recycling the matches that you made or talk about charity organisations.

Saving lives by being awesome

I think the best example of this I have seen online is James Clear and Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) that he supports.

james clear Against Malaria Foundation (AMF)

This is a showcase of how thorough he has gone through the process of making a net positive impact on the world.

Not only does James help millions of people get better at life and improve themselves in every way possible, but he also makes sure that he directly impacts the world through the readers.

If you don’t know yet, AME is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend life. It is by no mistake the organisation he has chosen; it is what will bring the biggest impact for an extra cent invested.

You might want to improve your life, but by focusing on others, you create a boomerang effect where everything positive you do, will come back to you with even bigger magnitude.

I think that this is an amazing achievement on James part and I wish that everyone who is perusing something that they love, think about others and the planet itself.

World out there

The world out there is awesome. It is full of possibilities and new endeavours.

But there can be setbacks and huge downturns which sucks! But some people care about others. True leaders that know that the way forward is to look back at people who are behind them.

They help and improve other peoples lives and help when life gives you the worst.

You all should think that “Thank God I am healthy and happy”, but also think that you would off wanted if someone helped you out in a hard time.

Be that saviour to someone else. Make this planet better by being a better person.

Don’t think that you need a huge gesture, holding the door for people makes a bigger difference than you realise.

As with every habit of being better.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y