Merry Christmas 🎄

Dec 25 2020

<p>Merry Christmas 🎄</p>

To be completely honest, this year has been very hard for all of us. What do you expect from the year, we had so many lethal cases with nearly everyone being affected in some way with the Covid. I think even monks that live in the mountains got affected by this awful thing.


The year 2020 is coming to an end and to tell you the truth, it was much more eventful than any other year for me in particular.

The good

My life has changed in the year 2020. This blog got started in 2020, and my daily writing habit has started to define who I am.

This year has been the most important turning point for many people. Starting from those that changed their carrier to those who got fired and already made it independently.

The world has been very harsh to us in some of the areas, while extremely generous in others.

2020 was the year of problem surfacing, deep thinking, and spiritual practices. The isolation and the slow tempo at which life went on in 2020 have made many people start realising what life is and why we are here.

The world will never be the same after this year. The prompt for technology and sciences have never been stronger. We usually took up to 10 years to develop a vaccine for a major virus, this time we have done so in merely half a year. The world has changed and improved to the point of no recognition.

We all got some hobbies or side projects in 2020 that will be defining our society for the coming years.

The bad

The lack of personal interactions and massive gatherings has hit many economies. The recovery will be very slow and maybe even impossible in some industries.

Those industries that adjusted, twisted and turned and refocused themselves on online, grew nearly 10 folds if not more.

The world has slowly shifted to being online. We are all at our home, and our physical bodies are mattering less and less now. We are who we are online, that is what defines us. This whole procedure makes us a step closer to digitising our body and our brain into some type of supercomputer. The covid and massive damage that it can do to our body is one of the things that does seem to play very nicely to the whole idea of this. It is scary, but also exciting at the same time.

Too many people lost their job due to Covid. There are those that did that job for generations and were regarded as the best experts at what they do. In 2020, everything has changed. The world once again flipped itself. Some people lost their jobs and were forced into a dire situation. Some flourished and saw an improvement of close to 10x in their earnings and income.

The stock market for the year was a jumbled mess that is still hard to untangle. A ridiculous part is, with all of the world economies being in a recession right now, the market is only growing. That shows that the market is exactly where people decided to spend all of their money. New and inexperienced players are dictation on what and how is going on there. Right now, it is oversaturated to a crazy point, but most of the predictions are for growth. There are simply too many players right now, and the new frictionless ways to enter the market allowed new people to enter and increase the total amount of money in the Stockmarket.

My take on 2020

For me personally, the year was a huge change from anything that I experienced in my life so far.

I finished my BSc in 2019. It has been a little over the year, and I have completely changed who I am. I am a different person that is proud of what I do. This is why I will be staying safe and grinding at life just like I did in 2020.

It was the year of change and opportunity which some of us took, and some of us missed.

I want to write a separate post that will expand on this and discuss my personal 2020 experience. I want to understand myself, how much I have and the world around me changed.


I am not a prophet to tell you how the year is going to be. Simply, I don’t know.

What I do know is that the key playing factors that will determine the outcome of the year will be the vaccine, virus mutation, and the stock market. Those three things will set the mood for the whole year. They will be what we will mostly talk about in 2021.

One of the things that we don’t realise is relevant but will become increasingly urgent in 2021 is climate change. All the talks of America putting the climate changed problem back on to the table after Baiden enters the White House will be the catalyst to escalate the spread of news and understanding. The reason why it wasn’t dealt with yet, is that humans don’t look into a far future. We only care what is in front of us.

Overall, I feel that 2021 will be a year of change for most of us again. We don’t have a luxury of being secure and happy anymore 100% of the time. We are unable to live life carefreely. We must adjust and change, and 2021 will only show that again.

My biggest advice would be to start working on the processes and not goals in 2021.

Goals are important, but process and habits are what defines you. If you want to make anything possible from all the change, habits will make sure you will show up every day.

And the last thing, don't be afraid to start new and dangerous endeavours. The benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks.

Start now. Get perfect later.

And Marry Christmas! 🎄

Klim Y