Mornings are for You

Jan 4 2021

<p>Mornings are for You</p>

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you do?

I never thought that this initial 30 minutes could matter so much to our well being and life, but after doing a lot of research and reading a lot of testimonials. I can say that morning routine and especially the initial 30 minutes to an hour of your morning matters the most.

The morning routine gives you the power to increase productivity and set into the mood for the day ahead. Depending on how you will start your day, it will depend on how your day will go.

Lazy morning

I think that we all experienced that after the holidays, waking up for work can feel like a drag. But it all starts with the last thought the day before when you go to sleep, and it finishes with the first thought when you hear the alarm. It can either be:

“I can not be more excited for the day ahead! I love my life!”

Or it can be something less positive, that will make you miserable and tired for the whole day:

“I can’t be bothered to wake up. I just want to sleep more, I slept poorly, and I am unhappy.”

You, by saying this, guaranteed yourself a miserable day.

So next time you wake up feeling sluggish and want to spend all morning lying in bed, checking social media, go brush your teeth with a smile and tell yourself that it is going to be the best day of your life. You will see the notable difference straight away.


I have had many different morning routines over the years, and the last iteration has been changing non-stop for me.

The difference number one is whenever you are at your usual habitat or not.

As I am currently travelling, my morning routine moved from my work office to a living room of a house that we are renting. That is why it is a little more complicated than usual because the number 1 requirement is to design your morning routine to be uninterruptible and only focused on you.

You might not realise, but even a small distraction can totally take you off the flow, so ensuring that all 100% of your focus is in the morning routine guarantees that you will do your best and will produce the most meaningful result.

On average, it takes around 17-30 minutes to focus and get into the flow for the habit. That is why making sure that you are uninterrupted is the priority.


You must also make sure that the work that you do during the morning is meaningful. You need to make sure that what you do has an impact both on your and on your life in general.

It can be affirmations, meditation and other types of spiritual work that focus on your well being and your feelings.

Or what you can do, is work on your goals that you set out. Every morning, if you spend at least 30 minutes moving closer to the goal that you set for yourself, in the year time, you will see a huge difference compared if you didn't do anything.

Again, doing quick maths, if you spend 30 minutes every day, for 365 days. You will spend 460 hours working on your goal. That is more than enough to complete medium to a hard goal.

You must make sure that you are waking up every day with an idea of what you want to do and why. Understanding your goals is the most important thing for your well being.

If you would like to start and try morning routine, try doing it tomorrow or even better, try today!

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y