My Passion

Nov 5 2020

<p>My Passion</p>

My passion

What are you crazy about? What makes your blood boil? What makes you giggle to yourself like a child?

If you have named even 1 or maybe even 3 activity or hobby, you are a lucky person.

That, my friend, represents your passion.

Something that you can make into your career or a successful side project with nearly no effort to yourself.

If you can make working - fun, then you are already with a huge advantage, over 95% of everyone in the industry.

My passion

I have been exploring interesting categories in my life for a long while now. There have been multiple things that I thought were passion at first, but after trying to focus on them for more than a week, they became something I didn’t like anymore.

In the end, I found around 5 activities that bring me joy. The pure joy that I can’t really get from anything else.

Doing each of them brings me a huge amount of joy. It is not like anything I have experienced before.

One of them is writing.

writing man keyboard

Yes, writing. I know that some have a huge problem with what or how they write. I enjoy typing keys and getting my thoughts on paper. That way, I clear my mind and share some fascinating insights, in my opinion, with people who care. People who need them.

One of the more enjoyable writing genres to me is fantasy novels. Oh my god, I love them. I am not sure what exactly sparked such a huge interest in them for me, but they have been enriching my life for a while now.

I have a friend back in school who was from Thailand. He was a very cool and interesting person, and I still keep in touch. He has always spent most of his free time on his phone. I wasn’t really sure at first what was he doing.

Later I found that he was reading. My first thought was, “What?”

I have always thought, and especially during school, that books are meant for learning and getting insights.

So one of the days he introduced to me some of the novels he has been reading and where. I still remember him suggesting I start with the novel called “Coiling Dragon”. It is one of the best novels I had read to this day, and I want to read it over and over again.

To this day, I still read the same novels, and it has been a general world transformation for me, once I started reading them. I never knew about most of the things talked about in those books, with such a new perspective you can imagine how my mind went on creativity spree in everything I do.

Around 2 months ago, I really felt like I have read the best novels and I couldn’t find the exact storey plot that I would be interested in. It just didn’t exist yet.

So I decided to write it.

My writing

Back then, I was even worse than I am now in terms of writing grammar and spelling. You can probably imagine how bad it was (awful).

But that didn’t stop me writing my first chapter.

After reading back a novel that I spent around 2 hours writing, it was only 800 words. It felt like I have been writing for so long my hand was hurting.

Right now writing 800 words seems to me like children’s play, when I write blogs. Back then, I barely wrote in all my life, a and so it was only natural.

So, I decided it wasn’t really worth my time, and I stopped. This was a surprise even to myself, considering how much I love the fantasy novels genre. The biggest reason was my self-esteem being lowered after understanding how hard the writers and translators work to bring those novels to the readers.

Today, I felt particularly motivated. I started writing again.

I can’t say anything but WOW. I was really embraced. I have never before had such a flow state like that. I am not sure how my writing ended up being, but the process was so enjoyable it was crazy.

I have never thought that a process of doing so-called ‘work’ can be so enjoyable. Maybe that is it, and I found what I want fully to target? I can’t tell just yet, but it is a possibility I am willing to explore and invest into.

I think that my usual saying needs an update for this blog.

Start now. Get perfect later. Fail. Stand up and get success.

Klim Y