Nano problems

Dec 9 2020

<p>Nano problems</p>

The most annoying problem that you are having during the day is most likely in the grand scheme of things is irrelevant and so small that it wouldn’t be noticed.

For example, if you do end of the year review, will you put the embarrassing moment with the boss in the office in January? What about the incident where you fought with your loved one? Most likely, you already forgot about both of them.

What would you write in your end of the year review? Successes that really inspired you and maybe some of the things that didn’t work.

If the problem that you are having right is not going into your end of the year review, you should not worry and stress over it. In reality, it doesn’t matter.

If there is a big problem that will bother you in December of the next year, then you have to think about a decade review. Will it be there? Is it that high in the list of the priorities that you will still be fixing about it in 10 years? It is? Then it is a real deal. You have to start doing everything you can to solve it.

Don’t overstress about urgent matters because in most cases they are not important.

Take it easier

The nerves that you spend today are not gonna tell you thank you. You are not doing yourself or anyone else any favours by being frantic and in a bad mood.

It would be much better if you with could with a cold head rationally think about what has already happened and what steps you can do to fix the issue.

Panic doesn’t help anyone.

Don’t be in the rat of other peoples problems

If you look at how our lives are structured, the only time that you have for yourself, it's the morning time. That is when no-one can touch you because they are sleeping.

At that time you can do whatever you want to focus on what is really important for you.

If you look at your life and see what type of work you do every single day, most of the time, it would be fixing other peoples issues.

That work is both unsatisfactory and unrewarding. It doesn’t help you propel yourself forward. It only takes time that you could potentially be spending otherwise.

Be happy

The most important thing is being happy in this life.

If for some reason you are unhappy, and you are feeling down, don’t ignore that feeling. Go and dig deeper at what exactly is causing that. The more you try to hide the problem, the worse it will become in the years time.

Always focus on what is at hand. Those that ignore their issues, always regret it in the end.

If you are not happy even after solving everything that was bothering you, then a lifestyle or environmental change is necessary. We, as humans, always strive towards happiness. It is in our genes wanting to achieve it.

You are not an exception and what you need is start changing your life.

Don’t worry about how small that step is. Just doing it is a big enough action.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y