New Feature - Notes

Sep 26 2020

<p>New Feature - Notes</p>

Writing too much too fast

One of the biggest issues I found is that I am unable to write a big and long post on a daily basis. Also, I do not have time to promote and do a good job on posting them and marketing in social media if I do it daily.

I have around 30-1h of time daily to write as I can force myself to be productive.

If we are adding a diary time I am writing at around 1h-2h per day which is excellent. I mean the Morning Pages themselves are a huge deal and let me grow as a writer and more sophisticated human being over all.

But, long and thought out posts daily are a bad idea.

I will be working on programming another part of the blog which I will call Notes.

gif of Jim typing fast


Notes will be a short 250-1000 (1 to 4, A4 size papers) where I will share something I learnt or feeling today. I am not sure what type of content it will be.

I am working right now on so many different projects from Yeezy and Adidas and Nike fashion clothes boutique to a new cool SaaS B2B website and app. I have a lot to teach and talk about. But the format of Blogs is not correct for me personally. It is not how I want the content to be presented.

Programming - Side Note

I am really loving how I can just decide that and make this come true. Being able to make your ideas into a reality with 0 costs is so amazing and so moving. This must be what artists and musicians feel when they can put their ideas into a real world. I love this feeling. For now at least.

I will not be talking about burn out for programmers, but as it seems, it is HUGE in anything software related.

Blowing mind gif


Also this blog has been taken all of my free time when I am not working on my main website. But I think it is a good start as I never really had a blog type thing where I can actually express my feeling and feel safe(ish).

Also my passion has been giving knowledge to people and even though I am not an expert in everything, I have some expertise in some fields. For example Marketing is for sure something that readers will be impressed with.

Considering how many scam blogs and websites teaching useless information to people I could consider my knowledge a gold mine. Well until someone disagrees with me ahaha.

Anyway! Thanks for reading my rumble. You will be reading more super soon.

Klim Y