No regrets

Mar 5 2021

<p>No regrets</p>

Usually, when something goes wrong, humans tend to look in retrospect, and instead of getting valuable lessons from what to improve and how to avoid the same mistakes, humans tend to start blaming and finding faults in themselves and start regretting and blaming themselves for what has happened.

That is a very deconstructive way to approach problems, especially because most things we do in life tend to fail measurably, and only 10% of things will be successful.

That means if you are having regrets, you will have them for most of the time. So if you don’t want to be a miserable person, you need to learn a way to only get the positives from the mistakes without the negatives.


You might make a wrong career choice and stumble into a profession that you don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing. That can seem like a terrible situation to be in, but out of problems, you can find the craziest opportunities.

People who know how to do more than one thing are rare, so the next time you search for a job in the industry where you actually want to work, check if you can apply your prior knowledge. Sometimes, you can even find a combined profession. Those jobs not only pay more but are more respected and give you more things to pursue.

You have failed the project at your work and really scared of how that can affect your bosses relationship with you? Take advantage of that and make a presentation with solutions and ways you not only can recover but even improve. Maybe the failed project wasn’t a failure now that you have extra assets and skills that can be reused in other projects.

You might have got yourself out of a long relationship and feel regret for wasting time, but if you really look closely, you have incredible memories that you have to cherish. Also, you have most likely grown and now understand much better what you want and in what way.

Feelings that matter

You might underestimate how much the feelings matter in regards to the way you feel and perform. Feelings are the most important thing that controls your happiness level, which in turn controls your outlook on life and your wellbeing.

If you feel happy all the time, life itself will become better. If you are sad and always trying to avoid trouble, you will only make yourself more miserable as a result.

Klim Y