Note to self

Nov 21 2020

<p>Note to self</p>

My note to self is:

  • Don’t think that you have to write personal things into the notes section.

  • Don’t think that writing a single article will take a certain amount of time.

  • Don’t stop writing an article if it is becoming a big one.

  • Don’t postpone writing to a later date

  • Improve your writing by doing more meaningful work than just writing about your day, every day.

I think that it is way too important to combine personal writing with professional writing.

Yes, it is not easy to do that. But who said that it would be?

I have been pursuing better writing for more than a month now, and there is clear progress in both the speed at which I write and the way I write. The only thing that stayed the same is my mentality on the ways that I write.

I think that notes were a great idea until I ran into the problem of having to include a picture in every single notes post.

That made this innocent and small thing that I wanted to write daily in this beast that had many topics and structure that I had to write daily.

The truth is that now that I write a single note post in a day, I can’t force myself to write more for the blog. The whole thing is telling me.

“Yo! You already did so much today, why bother? Go, do other things. It is not like you have unlimited time

This inner voice pisses me off. I want to write more, is just that… I might be giving myself too many excuses.

The simple way to look at habits is to make them easy.

Writing Notes is extremely easy for me now. It is so easy that I don’t even have to think about how and when to start writing. I do.

What ends up happening, though, is that the topics that I want to cover go outside of the scope of Notes and go into the Blog post territory.

It makes it harder for me to write as it will require a longer and much harder time writing and editing it.

I have been trying to improve in this, but I understood that I am still too far from perfect today.

Today have started juts like usual with me writing in my daily journal(I do this every day).

After that, I started doing my daily article, and somehow I have written six. 600 words each, starting to be the full-blown articles that will have to be at least 2000 words to cover the whole topic.

Every time I reached 600, I stopped and went on to write another one. This kept on happening for six times. You might think that this is great for a writer, but I have already around 40 ideas that I have at that stage that I need to work on. There are a lot of ideas, but not enough time and effort to execute.

You probably know this as well, but the idea doesn’t really matter in this life. It is just a multiplier of your own sweat and effort. Execution is what really matters.

So what is my final take from all this?

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y