Organisation vs Procrastination

Jan 5 2021

<p>Organisation vs Procrastination</p>

Do you have a task that is constantly in the back of your head, and that constantly reminds you of its existence?

You know that you have that task to complete, but somehow you give yourself excuses on why you should postpone it and why you shouldn’t start working on it straight away.

That, my friend, is procrastination at it’s finest.


For me, the biggest procrastination that I have ever experienced has been happening when I was writing this article on Social Media Marketing.

After I finished writing it for a month or so, I had exactly the same problem with this article on the Morning Routines.

One of the biggest reasons this was happening was that I was still learning the basics of writing. I had no idea what I was doing, and everything felt foreign and very hard.

But the other reason is that I have decided to work on a big project without setting out for myself steps and deadlines necessary to reach the end.

That article and the pain that I was expecting when writing it was one of the main reasons I nearly dropped writing and blogging altogether. Now 5 months later and 120 blogs later, I think that I have clearly changed my attitude.


So what helped me to stop procrastinating when writing and how do I focus on showing up every day?

Well, instead of taking big projects and making sure that I complete them in the big time frame, I take on small projects every single day and show up every single day.

Sometimes this small projects and articles snowball into something big and really great, but I always have the option of cutting it short and publishing.

Sometimes I write 5 articles with some of them finished, and others are stopped halfway because I have written at least a 1000 words for them.

That is exactly why I have around 40 unfinished, high-quality blog posts eager and waiting for me to come back.

My organisation

I use an app called Ulysses, and it came together with my Setapp subscription.

That app has changed the way my writing workflow works and in what waves I use the software.

This app makes creating new text files and managing old ones extremely easy. It is so easy that I have created custom filters and custom folders with different types of markdown that I use.

But the biggest reason that it fits so well in my workflow is that straight after I wake up and write my daily morning journal, I start writing.

The main thing at the point after you start is not to get interrupted by others. Multitasking has long been proven to be a myth and that it does nothing, but make your concentration worse. That is why prioritising deep and focused work must be one of the things you focus on.

In the end, if you have done everything correctly, you will have a great routine that will force you to commit and daily work on the things that matter.

Not having habits or routines only makes your life worse, so organise yourself right now.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y