Pareto In November of 2020

Oct 27 2020

<p>Pareto In November of 2020</p>

Pareto In November of 2020

This week is the last week of October. This means that we are 80% done with 2020.

This means that only 20% of the year is left.

Pareto Principle

Pareto Principle states that for every process, 80% of outcomes or results come from 20% of actions or causes.

pareto visualised

If you think, that you can analyse your year and see what has worked for you and focus on that, you can achieve the so-called Pareto Principle.

If you have done a lot this year, most likely is that you have gotten 80% of results in 2.5 months.

This means that 2 months that are left, you can make the most important and fruitful work of this year.

Count every day, don’t throw away a second.

If you motivate yourself and build correct habits you will conquer 2020 and will go into 2021 as a much stronger man.

If we follow James Clear’s principle on atomic habits 1.01365 is 37.8.

But it doesn’t mean that getting a habit and getting better for 2 months not gonna be worth it. As 1.0160 is 1.82.

You can get twice as good as you are right now by just improving by 1% each day.

Do you realise how small 1% for you today is?

Can you eat 5 rice grains less?

Can you say an extra word to a client?

Can you walk 100 steps more?

This is how easy to improve by 1% today.

You just need to stop giving yourself excuses.

Start now. Get perfect Later

Klim Yadrintsev