Passion and excitement

Feb 10 2021

<p>Passion and excitement</p>

I think it is easy to take excitement and passion for granted, especially for those that seemingly all their life had something or someone to be passionate about.

Excitement is something that all of us seek as it is one of the best ways to boost your productivity and to boost your output in life. Also, passion makes sure that you can give your 100% to the task when you are focused and have a chance to enter the flow state.

Flow state is a state when concentration is hundred and one per cent at the task at hand with nothing else able to take you away from the goal. This concentration allows you to achieve results that you would have never dreamt of before and give productivity that is 10x your usual.

I can write and have written separate articles where I talk about concentration and flow state, the best ways to improve your quality of life as well as become more productive. Still, overall, both of these things can be achieved much easier if you experience and feel pleasure when working at the task at hand.

Or in other words, have a passion.

Definition of passion

How do you know if you have a passion? How do you know what your passion is in?

For me the moment that I realised that I am extremely passionate about running a business is me waking up during the night and calling my close colleague at 3 am to tell about an awesome idea I just thought off. The moment when the work doesn’t feel like work, and you kind of feel bad that you are getting money for something that you find extremely easy and most important of all not really work.

When you feel that something is not working whilst others treat it with difficulty, congratulations, you found yourself a passion and a specific one at that.

You are a lucky person as less than 13% can say that they have any type of passion.

This opportunity that you have gotten is giving you an edge that if used correctly, can make you a guru of the industry which in result can cause a significant improvement in your earnings as well as self-confidence. But this is a topic for another day.

Why is passion good

There are multiple reasons to seek passion. Increase in productivity and overall happiness has already been discussed above, but what about quality of life in other areas?

Well, most definitely it is one of the side effects. Again if you think back and you find that you have become more productive and feel that you work is more like rest, suddenly you find yourself having a ton of free time. Sometimes even during work time! Is that not going to increase your quality of life?

Overall if you really use how your brain works to your advantage you can make anything into your passion if you try hard enough, even things that initially you found boring and not interesting. Keep that in mind.

Now my prompt is for you to look at your life and where do you already have a passion or where can you quickly develop one? Got it? Now do that every single day for an hour at least. You life magically will start changing.

Klim Y