Patience is the greatest virtue

Jan 17 2021

<p>Patience is the greatest virtue</p>

In the world of short attention span, patience has become one of the most valuable skills available to any human beings. It has also become the one trait valued the most for the high managerial and even the starting jobs.

The person who can wait for the gratification and can patiently plan for future success is much better for the company overall than a person who does everything as soon as possible and expects the return immediately.

As I have repeatedly explained, I believe that great actions are useless and the only way to make any progress is with the use of small tasks that grow into the habits that get filled daily. The daily tasks make sure that you are moving towards great success no matter what, organically.

That is an amazing feeling, by using the habits you guarantee yourself a successful future. The main problem is that only patient people can stick with habits and reach the so-called, guaranteed greatness.

Patience and how to get it

One of the most amazing things about personality traits and other soft skills that are extremely important in life is that they are trainable. Patience is no different and it is an active skill that can be trained and improved.

You might not realise this right now, but your brain is in the autopilot for 90% of the time during the day. It stays in the state of total routine performance that you are not able to control. Think of the time you picked up and ate a fruit that was on the kitchen counter. Did you actively make yourself eat that fruit, or was it a result of your brain moving you to eat that fruit automatically?

It was most likely the latter.

The best ways to train patience is to question everything that you do.

It might sound hard at first, and it can be tricky to catch your mind on autopilot, but if you keep on doing this for a week, you will be able to train that skill as well.

Why must you do that? It is an essential thing to do in order to catch yourself the very next time you try to eat that chocolate bar before dinner. It will make sure that the next time you try to solve a problem with a dirty and incorrect trick, it stops you and makes you think of the sustainable and long term way to fix it. It will make sure that you pick a strategy that will save you money and give you a happy retirement instead of instant gratification with useless money straight away.

Patience is the topic that I want to cover even further, diving into different biases and details. Keep notified and I will either update this article or release a new one.

As with everything, try training your patience straight away, and you will see the result very soon.

Start now. Get perfect later.