Practice makes perfect

Nov 30 2020

<p>Practice makes perfect</p>

Best so far

I have been writing every day for more than a month now, and it has not been apparent to me that I got any better.

I make mistakes when writing the first draft. I butcher some of the sentences. Hemingway wants me to change the structure of every sentence.

It is all the same.

But yesterday, I have written the best article I have written so far.

It took much more time than usual to finish. It required me to do research. It required me to make custom images for it, but I did all of that it.

What really caught me off guard is that I edited it.

I really hate the editing process, at least I did hate it. Ever since I started writing an actual novel book and thousands of people started reading what I write, I started feeling conscious of my mistakes.

Instead of just trying to finish the task straight away, I had to make sure that at least the text itself had no mistakes. I knew that it wouldn’t go in vain and people will be reading it.

The biggest advantage of editing that I found is that you learn a lot when editing. You see the common trends in mistakes. You start to understand how you write and what mood does your writing give.

That has enabled me to accelerate my learning.

How I started writing the blog

I started with just a simple resolution, on October the 12th, to write every single day a piece of writing that others could read. It didn’t have to be long or amazingly good. It just had to be some writing.

That is how a person that never written anything half-decent can start writing.

How I started writing a novel

After around a month, I was drained reading the novels that had a thin plot and were just straight up badly written. So I had to give it a try myself. I had no experience in writing and had no idea how to write a novel either. The first chapters, expectedly, were tough to write. But after it started flowing as if it was my second nature. It became much easier to write a novel.

My plan

It all started with me promising to write at least 200 words per day, and now I write around 2 thousand per day. Plus all the editing. To tell you the truth, I would off never expected everything to end up like this.

By reading this, you might think that I am planning on going somewhere and setting myself crazy goals that I want to achieve? Well yes and no.

I want to achieve great goals, but setting them is not the ideal way for me to do it.

I want to get to the goals unexpectedly and with the habits instead of sheer motivation.

Ever since I started with habits, I don’t believe in motivation anymore. Motivation is best used to start habits, but in the long run, it is meaningless. You better use your motivation on starting a new habit, then forcing yourself to the next goal.

When I wake up in the morning, I don’t have to motivate myself to write. I just do it. It is the next thing that I do after a shower, as easy as that. This understanding enables me to occupy my head with other things that truly matter.

The only thing I am planning on making different is spending more time on my writing on the weekends. I can see that this area can be scaled. It can be scaled well enough actually to give a benefit to others.

That means that if I put extra effort into articles that will actually rank and become higher indexed on Google. Then I will also be able to get new traffic from SEO, which means I can help even more people.

I have to say that I really under appreciate what is happening right now with everyone being able to write. It is a blessing that I should have been using from the day I got a computer.

If you still haven’t started writing, then:

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y