Priorities and weight loss

Mar 16 2021

<p>Priorities and weight loss</p>

What do you choose to do in life, and the way you choose to go about every day, is what actually determines you from the rest.

You can spend every day rotting away at unproductive work, or you can be improving every day to reach heights of unimaginable levels that you never thought were possible before.

You can be getting the dream body that you always wanted by doing vigorous exercise every day, or you can be eating away your anxieties and gaining weight, leading to obesity.

That is a very slippery slope that is not determined by what you do at the moment, but what you do every day and the way your habits have been working to lead you to that point in your life.

Your brain and your self-consciousness determine what you want to do in life strictly based on your priorities in life.

You might want to become a very successful person financially, which would put everything regarding that on the surface of your thoughts and would make sure that everything that is related to that would be focused on, but if you have had a history of bad financial decisions that inevitably lead to failure, breaking that habits and memories would be the number one priorities before you could reach success.

The same things are about the body that you want to get.

If you have had a history of bad eating habits and you used to be overweight, getting into shape is not as much as trying to eat healthily, but more of changing your lifestyle and the way you spend your time. Only that would cause the habits and thoughts embedded in your brain to cease and not resurface the next time you experience similar problems.


I have been having problems with excess weight for as long as I remember myself, and it has been a constant battle of gaining and losing weight, and it never seemed to finish.

In a world where food is the key thing that you can easily get satisfaction from, not engaging in gluttony is rather hard. That is why I have chosen to completely change my life and the way I live in order to battle this chain of bad habits.

Not eating for the sake of getting pleasure but for the sake of surviving is the number one thing that I need to focus on. That is the number one change that should rewire my brain.

Not supplementing free time and breaks with food is another habit that has an excessively bad effect on me. Every time that I procrastinate, instead of resting, I choose to justify the break by eating. That is not healthy and doesn’t help me in any way.

The last thing is that I have been having bad results with weight loss is constantly weighing myself.

It is as if I am trying to test myself over, but considering that I know exactly the way to lose weight, weighting in is not a good way to go about it. Not looking at the scale and rather doing the motion and habits that help me lose weight is much better and smarter way to live.