Productivity and Drinking

Dec 20 2020

<p>Productivity and Drinking</p>

Why most people drink alcohol? Most people get a drinking problem out of the social drinking scenario where they have guests or go out on occasion, and the only natural thing to do is to get a bottle of wine and have a couple of glasses.

First off for me, there are many problems with drinking that go beyond only drinking socially. In my opinion drinking, in general, is really bad for you. Sometimes you are forced to drink due to circumstances or occasion, but even then you can easily say no to it.

Usually, you associate drinking with health problems that come out of drinking regularly, but for me, as I don’t drink that often, it mostly comes in the form of a sharp productivity drop.

What drinking does to you

This amazing research looked at how exactly drinking alcohol can affect productivity. It looked at the workforce, and it found that in 1995 New Zealand was getting $57 million per year less than it should, because of reduced productivity due to drinking.

What your body experience after a night of drinking is the same as being poisoned. Not only your sleep will be much worse and will give you much less energy, as soon as you wake up the hangover will hit you. Sometimes the hangover is there only from a single glass of wine, and you don’t really notice it, but it has been proven that there is a significant change in the reaction time and creative thinking patterns even after a single drink the night before.

Also, one of the things that are associated with drinking is going out somewhere. Usually, it would be in the evenings, and that in result could cause you to break your sleeping pattern, go to sleep late and sleep in which in result will reck all of your habits.

So not only are you making your life much more difficult for the next three days while your body is recovering, but you also are making an adjusted period of time when your body is adjusting back to the sleeping pattern you had.

Also, as you might guess, any morning or evening routine that you had also breaks into nothingness.

What you will get if you keep drinking

I don’t think I need to say how many health issues are linked to drinking, even a single glass.

There is amazing research to back all of that up.

And so many more.

The bottom line is that you are not doing yourself or anyone else any favours by drinking even a single glass of alcohol. If you want to drink something, that is because your life is asking for extra things to be excited about and alcohol is what requires the least amount of effort for you to be happy right there at the moment.

Remember that your brain does not think in advance and what you will be experiencing tomorrow, and in a week times. Your brain pattern is working the same way as it was 10 000 years ago, and it wants immediate satisfaction right now.

Personal take away

One of the main ways that you can not drink is -- stay away from the situations where you might drink. Don’t go to the bars and don’t hang out with those that you know, drink. Choose other activities that can be fun and healthy for you. They can take your mind off your urge to drink.

Make it easy not to drink, and the rest will follow.

I will be as usual, trying to stay away from the alcohol.

I haven’t had alcohol for a year in the previous year, and I don’t see a reason why I should have any now either. It was a pleasure never to have a hangover and to be completely honest. I enjoy social gathering much better without alcohol in the first place.

It is the end of 2020 right now and holidays are coming up. What I recommend is at least take your alcohol intake down, drink one glass instead of two and that will help you live a much better life in the future. Things compound.

With drinking the main question you have to ask yourself is, Enjoyment Now or Health Later?This is the main question that will basically determine what your priorities in life are.

Stay healthy.

Klim Y