Productivity as a routine

May 4 2021

<p>Productivity as a routine</p>

I feel that a lot of people don’t really understand what it means to be productive.

People think that as long as one does work or some relevant activity instead of being distracted by casual things such as social media or entertainment, they think that they are productive.

I can not disagree more with the premise of that idea. To tell you the truth, even the single thought of just doing work as a relevant thing to productivity is incredibly wrong.

On the other hand, there are those that only spend time researching new tips and tricks and even new ways to improve and grow their productivity.

Think about it and really do try to understand what it entails. As long as you are not using the knowledge and tricks that you have learnt, you are not being productive, but instead, you are being distracted and procrastinating from the act of actually doing the job correctly.

There is a very easy way to think about productivity.

Think of productivity as a measure of the output per the time spent. As easy as that.

The time is solely the time when you started until you have finished, and the output is a measure of success that you have identified before yourself, even prior to starting the task.

If you measure and use productivity in this way, you are 100 guaranteed to succeed in being and becoming a more productive and coincidentally a more successful person.

Time spent

I wanna touch here also on the concept of time and what it means.

Time is an incredibly valuable resource that you spend on things that you need and want. Time can seem to be the free resource and the resource that you can exchange for other things.

And even though it is the greatest gift that we have been given, it is also the most finite resource known to anyone.

The worst part is that you can not influence it in any way.

Now think of productivity and what it is and how you can use it for you to improve your time usage.

As long as you complete tasks with better quality at the same time, you are doing more work effectively and saving time. Or if you just complete the task faster, that also is the same as making time.

A resource that is incredibly hard to understand is put into our brain and understanding in the way of measuring output per time spent.