Quality over Quantity in Writing

Nov 15 2020

<p>Quality over Quantity in Writing</p>

Which one to choose?

Writing daily is great.

But what if your writing is garbage? Here I want to explain to myself what are the benefits and drawbacks of writing every day.

I have thought thoroughly about how my content is right now.

I can break it down into the following pros and cons.


I can see that the biggest drawback to me just writing things that are on top of my head is that:

  • I can not really do fully-fledged and thought out articles
  • I can not do proper research and my content is not answering a specific question that people have
  • The articles feel rushed and they have no particular reason to exist
  • They mostly don’t contain insights or don’t have the necessary credibility to want to read them
  • SEO traffic is non-existent due to no keyword research and no proper SEO writing
  • The only medium of promoting is a social network and building a tribe of followers
  • I rush the work too much sometimes, trying to get it out as soon as possible as I know that daily notes are not expected do be amazing
  • I don’t do reviews which is the biggest opportunity to learn and improve in my writing


There are, of course, pros that are the reason that I have started writing daily in the first place.

  • I don’t procrastinate
  • It enables me to put down onto paper and into words my own problems and feelings.
  • It forces me to explain my thinking and challenge every idea I already have
  • It makes me think how will a particular idea be viewed by a reader
  • It allows me to understand topics that resonate
  • It enables me to practice my writing a lot more than just focusing on one article for 2 weeks
  • It allows me to understand how my thinking and writing is different from the outcome that I want to achieve
  • It gives me a lot of data to work with
  • It allows me to promote each piece of writing, daily
  • It made me understand that consistency is the key to reach your goal in any field
  • It allows me to write on any topic that I want
  • It allows me to skip the boring steps of writing and get done to what I love the most. Writing
  • It gives me power and energy to start my day each day. It is something I look forward to every time I go to sleep
  • It makes me very happy when I produce something exciting and passionate out of a daily note
  • It allows me to take an idea and do an MVP of an article
  • It implies a 5-minute rule because the task of writing a daily note is much less burdensome than writing a fully-fledged blog article( sometimes I find me writing a blog article, even though I started with a daily note)
  • It makes me stop setting goals and treat the whole process of blogging as a process of motion. This is a better way of thinking and going through life
  • It makes me have something to show in quantity instead of dwelling on 1 good article that I have written in 2 months
  • Quantity also allows me to produce 2 good articles out of 20 I have written. This is 20 days of writing with 18 okay musings and 2 good articles. This is a rate of 1 article per 10 days. Not so bad considering I have begun writing 2 months ago(I was awful at it).


Overall there are a lot more advantages than disadvantages to writing daily. I should treat the daily practice that I do in the morning separately from getting traffic and readers.

The morning writing is more for myself to learn and improve. To improve with formatting, editing, and idea generation.

If I want to get SEO traffic and readers, I need to write more, operate from the norm that I do. That way, I can keep on improving every day whilst doing extra articles that improve my SEO and credibility.

I think that I misunderstood that I have to choose one. I can do both and emphasize the latter whilst daily writing is more of the daily musings that people can check out, once they are on the website already.

Some of the notes that I have written were so good that just with a bit of extra work I made them into a full blog post. For example, this one that you are reading started as a note, but now will be a full blog. Or this one about How to succeed in reaching your goals, or this one on How to wake up early.

They are something that I am not embarrassed to show in public, and I think that is a huge success.

I think that just like I started writing, I need to do with everything.

Start now. Get perfect Later

Klim Y