Quickly Rushing

Apr 27 2021

<p>Quickly Rushing</p>

I have been feeling extremely lucky for being able to take certain things slow and for letting myself stop and really thoroughly understand the situation.

My position and the ability to not rush has played a huge role in the situation that I find myself in right now.

But just like for everyone, there are days that somehow get built up and weigh down on you so much that you find it extremely hard to progress further.

For me, that happens with a different rarity, but there are situations that force me into acting and being different from the usual just because I am pressed on time.

The main thing that I want to talk about that really does matter whenever you are rushed is prioritisation.


During the normal day where you go through the TO-DOs and find yourself chipping away at them and making progress, it doesn’t really matter what you do first and in what way. As long as you complete the whole batch, you can do them in any way that you like.

But when you are pressed on time, you do not have the same luxury of being able to choose freely and even do the easy and exciting things first.

When you are rushed, you have to make sure that you prioritise. You do the most effective and most important things first because you can not be certain if you will have any time to finish the rest of the tasks that are less important.

You do the most with the least amount of time and effort. That is exactly what separates those that are successful and said to be ‘good under pressure' and those that lose themselves to the panic and other thoughts that distract more than build someone up.

Delegation and Assistance

Another extremely important things that people tend to underestimate and underuse when they are pressed on time, and especially when being rushed, is something of a common occurrence, is getting help in assistance or straight up a delegation of some tasks that you do.

Why is that important? Well, because when a person is rushed and constantly in action, the person doesn’t have time to even think about the deep work and it meaningfully. The worker is stuck in the same loop of finishing the work exactly the same way with nothing new or exciting happening.

That causes degradation of the processes and worsening effect.

I have been really interested in that and can tell you that if you have a problem that requires delegation, you are either doing things that don’t really matter and you are wasting time, or you can delegate and earn yourself an incredible commodity called time.

Klim Y