Realising Potential

Jan 13 2021

<p>Realising Potential</p>

You have a certain level of potential inside. You might not know or realise it, but you were born to create and rule. You have the ability to reach levels of success on par and even more than of Elon Musk and Gandhi.

We all have a certain potential that we have been given ever since we were born. But this potential can only be filled if we develop our skills and develop our understanding. Otherwise, this potential will mean nothing.

When we reach something meaningful at every milestone, we have a little voice of laziness and unproductiveness that tells us to stop and enjoy the moment. You might have heard it already. “Why go further? Why do you need more?”

Although those words can be smart and sometimes stop us from making stupid mistakes, they mostly just ruin our lives and turn our best time to the worst time of our life.

We have all been created for some purpose. In my opinion, the purpose itself will be determined in the process of your life. But the least you can do is to strive to reach your maximum potential.

The truth is that our potential that we have is most likely close to infinity. There is no known limit to what our body, brain and even understanding can do. We don’t see anything stopping us in the future path to the growth of human beings. But always striving to walk forward and meet the challenge head-on is what my life, in particular, is about.


I realise what you might think, and this advice can sound a lot like grind porn.

But I am not telling you not to enjoy life and not having a rest. You must have rest and enjoy life. You must spend time with your family and friends. You must spend time working on hobbies and things you enjoy.

These things don’t make you unproductive. They define you and make you a unique being that you are.

Don’t be afraid of who you are. You are you only because of all the gimmicky quirks that you have. Don’t try to be a jumbled up, productive mess. Build your life and your work around yourself. Make it so that your personality traits don’t bring you down but rather build you up and raise you above all else.

Maybe your potential and your goal should be to be the best at the quirky stuff and making the world a little happier place.


I think that right now the world is focused too much on money and I don’t mean that I don’t support the system. I think that there are certain imperfections in the markets and what is paid for what.

I think that some of the work is way overvalued and some work is too overpaid. That is why some of the extremely niche professions, that only have a couple of people willing to spend their money on, struggle to charge enough money to pay the basic bills.

That is why things like YouTube and blogging, and Twitter and Instagram came into existence. This mediums all allow you to stop being a person who enjoys a hobby to a person who shares his hobbies and progress with others.

This, in turn, can allow you to build up your audience that would allow you to later earn money directly on the platform or market your product for free to your audience. If you are able to earn from something that you love doing anyway, who really loses out here? I would guess those that still don’t do it.

Searching for your potential

Either way, even if you don’t know what you are meant to do or what you want to do, you must start somewhere.

Right now, there are too many people living miserable, broke life that are stuck in the race that no-one can win. You earn money, and you spend money with nothing left.

That is why I recommend experimenting and trying different things at all times. If you don’t start and try now, you will never know what is right and wrong. If you don't search for your passion and your purpose, no one else will.

Try developing many different habits and based on the feeling see what sticks.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y