Results and goals for me

Feb 4 2021

<p>Results and goals for me</p>

It is this time of year for me again, the February. The time when I start self-analysing and trying to find out what exactly can I improve and adapt.

Most of the time, the time just before my birthday can be either the most stressful time, or the happiest time, depending on if I completed or failed the goals I set out the last year.

To be honest, last year, my birthday wasn’t anything special, to begin with. It was simply a family dinner that was awesome, but not really extremely the best. I remember that 2020 was a year of goals for me and was the year when I tried to take everything that I could into my hands.

As a result, I think I didn’t achieve much in terms of pure goals, but I learnt a bunch. The game-changer for me was the summer when I decided that enough is enough and that I need to focus on new goals that I can act on immediately.

Habits instead of goals

That is how programming, blog writing, novel writing and everything else came into existence. This was the point in 2020 when anything that I achieved before or after didn’t matter as long as I carried on doing the same things, diligently, while being bored, every single day.

And guess what? I have! I can say for certain that it was not that easy, but every time I finished everything that I had as a habit for the day, I felt the feeling of completion, as if nothing else mattered, and I have done a huge amount of work.

This liberating feeling that allowed me to work on other things, something that I never experienced before. I was finally able to stop and relax, enjoy, be creating instead of forcing myself to work extra hours. The grind is real until the point when you finish. Then relaxation is real.

I am not so sure about what exactly do I want to achieve in life. I don’t know, and I don't think it matters.

I know that the things that I can get will solely depend on the things that I do daily and as long as I enjoy that, nothing else matters. Yes, I would love if something that I enjoy doing would get me money, but right now, as I have my job, it is not really a glaring problem.

I never even realised how things get achieved in life. It is not that you spend a week of no sleep working in order to build a successful business, and by the end, you have a successful business. No, you grind every single day for a year. Working and trying to one-up your business and then if lucky will have a successful business by the end of the year.

Habits are kings, while goals are only the outcome of habits.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y