Sexy business

Mar 9 2021

<p>Sexy business</p>

I have always known that money can be earned in multiple ways. Since being a child, I saw people around me earning money any way they could, starting from scamming people and finishing by working as a charity manager and being on the board of directors.

Some people chose to be entrepreneurs and decided to open a business of their own. Here people also diversified and went on by doing anything they could, from a small bakery for the district's locals to the multibillion oil refinery company.

All of those people wanted the same thing, earning money. The only difference was the way they chose to get to the goal and how to progress to the next milestone.

Earning money is not rocket science, and it can be done very easily. In the end, it all comes down to your providing value that the person that pays you money can also either earn satisfaction or can multiply your value and sell it for even more.

Those 2 basic principles guide everything you do in life when it comes to money.

Ways to earn money

I have always felt that you must do what you find interesting and attractive. For me, it has sometimes been marketing, but as more I got into it, the more I realised that the whole understanding of what marketing is in real life is completely different from what it is when applied to real-world use cases.

Like for anyone else, there were always types of businesses that attracted me while other types pushed me away. The casinos are bad, while IT is good is one of the many examples of categories that shaped the way I choose what to do.

In reality, it shouldn’t matter what you do, because as the saying goes, “money doesn’t smell” as you can do anything you need to if you are going for the most amount of money.

But for me, I find that to be extremely wrong. I feel that it does matter what you do because, in the end, you are going to be spending every single day, every single hour of your waking time thinking of your business, a way to go about it and what you can do to improve it in any way that you can.

If you hate the industry where you are working, you are most likely going to hate working as well, which will drive your motivation down, and in the end, your business will stagnate and later go out of business.


Right now, the number one space where everyone and anyone wants to be is IT. It is considered that IT is the best industry to be in, and it is the ultimate job or business to have.

Why? Just because when you say that you work in IT, people look up to you as if you are a genius idol.

That is the feeling that people like, and that is why people keep on going into IT.

Another reason would be that there is a huge potential that is still not taken, and it is the job of startups to fill these gaps in the market.

The biggest problem, though, because the industry is so attractive. Every day, more and more players will try their luck in that awesome, shiny industry.