Smart Working

Jan 12 2021

<p>Smart Working</p>

All of us have times when we start to struggle and start to deviate from the correct path. Sometimes it happens due to exhaustion, sometimes due to unhappiness.

There is this feeling of utter boredom when you are working. Being forced into working through grit is something that could drive anyone mad. That is why after you are finished your workday instead of being excited and full of energy, you feel like a jumbled-up mess. We all know this feeling, and you are not alone.

When you feel like there is nothing of interest happening and the first thing you do after finishing your workday is start watching Netflix is a normal course of action. The crucial point is to realise what you are doing and why.


I think that all of us have some idea of goals that we want to achieve or types of people that we want to be in the future.

The problem with setting up goals is that you are a failure while you are working to your goal, and once you reach it, you have no more motivation to keep moving forward. Sometimes the goal can seem extremely difficult, which on its own can drive your motivation and self-esteem down. How do you deal with that?

Don’t create goals. Create simple daily habits that make sure that you succeed on a daily basis. That way, you will be slowly moving towards your goal without even realising it and enjoying the process.

The procrastination can only turn on if you contemplate on what to do and when. If you start working straight away and have a specific pattern of habits that you do daily, the procrastination won’t be able to affect you in any way.

Goals are a great way to think of where you see yourself in 5 or even 15 years. But in reality, they only make you more miserable. Much healthier is think of where you would want to be in 5 years and than making a specific schedule of what you need to do and for how long to reach that goal, to become that person in the years time.

Get interested

The whole reason why we procrastinate and sometimes go into an unproductive mess is because we are bored out of our mind. Bored so much that even thinking of work can lead to extreme anxiety. That is a super unhealthy attitude.

I myself, I love boredom. I got in love with it ever since I started doing habits. I do exactly the same thing every single day, and I simply love it.

The reason why I fell in love with it is that I know that it is leading me in the correct path to a greater future and also even though I do the same thing every day I can see and feel the progress daily as well. Habits are a powerful tool that stops your inner doubter's persuasion. It makes sure that you are at your optimal condition, and there is nothing that could potentially stop you. That is why I prioritise habits vs goals.

Don’t worry if you feel lazy. Get up and try doing something fun. But instead of consuming someone else’s work, try creating something. Anything. That would make sure that you feel a new type of emotional rush that would wake you up from the slob.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y