Social Gatherings

Mar 29 2021

<p>Social Gatherings</p>

It has been a while since I have been in a crowded space, but this weekend, in my country of origin and particularly in Moscow, I was invited to spend time in a club that was supposed to be very safe with tables far away from each other.

And even though tables were far away from each other, the number of people standing everywhere made it so that you couldn’t even walk past them. If you wanted to go past, you had to move them with all force you had.

Even though this was a common occurrence pre-2020, this was the first time I experienced that since then and at that point in time, I felt really scared.

It can seem like a miniature detail that shouldn’t really matter, but in reality, if that social gathering was ever in any other country but Russia, I feel that it would cause an uproar of unbelievable strength, one that would be blamed for all the increased corona cases in the world.

Different countries

I have travelled through many countries during the pandemic, starting from the European countries of France and Italy that are being hit the hardest right now and even Turkey that because of its sole dependency on Tourism, also decided to open up as much as possible so that people consider it as a destination for a holiday.

The way the countries deal with Corona is so different that it is hard to say who is doing a better job because sometimes it can feel that no-one is doing the job correctly.

Some countries put a total lockdown, and people still are getting sick every day. Other countries decided to close down restaurants and other public gathering spaces whilst still allowing people to move about.

Both of the actions taken above are ones that damage the economy the most and make it so that people are neither able to earn or work. On top of all that, the population that gets hit the hardest when it comes to regulations, such as that is the middle class that owns businesses, trying to earn a living through sheer risk-taking and trying to get to the top of the world by earning money that way.

Why? Because people that were employed by someone are getting guaranteed income that they are not really able to spend whilst not working. But the business owner doesn’t earn anything and doesn’t get paid anything either.

On top of all that, they are losing the value of the inventory that he bought to the sheer waste of time. In business, if you don’t work, you lose. And right now, more than half of the world is losing.

Whilst, on the other hand, there are countries such as Russia and the USA that seem not to care what so ever, no matter the situation.

More and more cases happen in both of these countries, and to the surprise of everyone, people still go on their usual working day and try to climb up the ladder to the future.

In that situation, even though the cases are still high, the world still exists, and businesses still flourish.

No-one knows what is better, and there is not a distinct metric to look at. One thing that I know for certain is that it feels incredibly nice to feel like it is all back to normal.

Klim Y