Sorry for not Writing

Oct 12 2020

<p>Sorry for not Writing</p>

I am sorry

So from today onwards, I will not be slacking as much as I have been.

I have not been writing daily as I promised.

From now on it will be as follows:

If from 09.10.2020 I will not post a post or a note daily, I will have to donate 20$. That is for sure this time.

I have been busy with very mundane and not really relevant tasks that are more putting out fires for others, rather than focusing on my own work.

What I want do from today onwards is just focus on what I want to do and what matters to me.

gif of I am sorry


Right now I am still a CEO of and so I am not able just ditching the whole project.

I am also working a lot of time on making a better experience for you readers and sometimes it takes more time than I would like.

As a third project, I am starting something really cool and exciting that is mostly for myself. I thought that if I need this product really badly than surely there is a market for it.

And hey, if only I need this project, then I will make sure that it is a custom build for myself as possible as it will increase my output from content and projects x100.

Stay updated to learn about this cool new project!


Klim Y