Sports effects on your mind

Apr 9 2021

<p>Sports effects on your mind</p>

Have you ever considered how you feel the day before, the day of the exercise and the day after?

If you like me take breaks in between doing sports, you know the feeling and the longer the break between sport exercises, the worse the feeling.

What I am talking about is the state of constant worrying and pressure.

When you are working on a stressful job as well as, have many other things that can make your mind worry, having a way to express your feelings, and the way to calm down is one of the most important things that you can have.

Worries and even depression are one of the things that became more and more common in the world of pandemics and self-isolation.

The rise of people who see the therapist weekly has increased in the matter of thousands. Why? Because again, if you can not express or release your feelings and build them inside of you, that is a sure way to cause rage and awful fights with those that are close to you.

I have been incredibly fortunate to still be able to travel and talk to people even during this crazy pandemic that we are having. And even still, I have struggled with my own mental well being, so thinking about what people experience who have been on 3 lockdowns already is quite scary.


So how does sport has anything to do together with what I just have described above?

Understand that there gotta be a way to express your feelings and your thoughts.

For example, think of the many different problems that you can potentially have in life. I know for myself that there is a bunch of them, and I can’t really do anything about them because they require time to solve.

Well, what can I do instead of worrying and building up that negative energy inside of me? Release it in some way.

Usually, therapy is the go-to method, and for some truly hard problems, it is clearly the best way to go about it, but in my personal opinion, one of the easiest ways is just to do sports.

Sport is love

There are many sports, and it can be a little confusing when I aggregate everything and say that overall it would help. But as long as you are sweating, doing the said sport is more than enough in order to reach the state that I am explaining.

For me, whenever I am tense or have mood spikes, I arrange for myself to either do sports as soon as possible or put my running shoes on, and no matter what the weather is, I go for a run.

When I come back, I feel like I am a completely different person, and the worries that I have been experiencing before are gone.

The effect is very similar to what you get after the mediation, but for me, it is much better in magnitude and length. Plus, you get the additional benefits of doing the exercise itself.

Understand that if you have a choice of being miserable or trying to do anything about it, of course, you should choose to do everything you could in order to improve the way you feel about yourself and your situation. The inaction is the number one reason for the state that you are in.

And what is the best thing and most likely the most healthy thing to do? Do sports.

Personal experience

I have had a lot of difficult situations lately. Mostly after I finish all my work and I try to wind down for the evening.

That is the time when I leave my head free from thinking and let it absorb and think about the meetings and new things that I learnt or wanted to implement.

But sometimes, during the day, there have been failures. Sometimes there are things that I feel embarrassed or even angry about. My failures or even things that out of my control are the ones that make me the most anxious and lessen my self-esteem and self-worth. During these evenings, staying in and feeling bad for myself is the worst thing that I can possibly do.

Instead, I choose to go out of my apartment's comfort zone and go to do something. And as I have said, the sport being the healthiest, I do that.

Of course, that is where I am right now, and it is not the most ideal way to do sports or deal with problems.

I still think that one of the best ways to deal with the problems is by actually doing sports and taking your mind off them, especially when you can not do anything about them in the first place.

But going out of your way when you are feeling sad is good, but not perfect.

In an ideal world, one would develop a routine of doing exercise daily with some days throughout the week, especially intense training.

This constant release of dopamine to keep your mind healthy as well as let your brain to get releases of emotions constantly is one of the best ways to go about it.

My choice of sports

So for me, there have been many different sports that I chose from.

As mentioned above, running has been the latest addition to the list with very interesting results and me really discovering what it means to run and how it is different from every other sport.

The other sports that really make me feel good and forget about all of the problems that I have is tennis. 🎾

I could probably talk about tennis itself for 10 blog posts alone, but I will try to keep it short.

Tennis 🎾 has been in my life since I was 5 years old, so I might be a little biased, and even though I didn’t find any research that backs up childhood favourite sport with something that has any profound effect on the mind or body, it does have that effect on me.

Tennis is the sport that I do when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am mad and even when I can’t be bothered to be anything. It is the action that gives me the energy to keep on going and the one that lets me relax.

Tennis allows me to express my feelings and try my hardest through sweat and blood while at the same time completely refreshing my mind and emotions to a zen-like state where I think about nothing but the game itself. I think only of how to get that ball over the net and how to beat the opponent.

I had only discovered it very recently when I started training again after a really long break, and I can tell you straight away that I am not sure how to live now without it.

Tennis has been my everything, and it is not even close to any other activity that I have ever done. It is hard enough to be considered a very effective exercise while still being interesting enough for the mind to put you in that state of total awareness.

For you, either try tennis or find something that makes you just as passionate about it as I feel about tennis.