State of Netflix

Sep 26 2020

<p>State of Netflix</p>

State of Netflix

Enola Holmes - Sister of Sherlock Holmes

When watching the new Enola Holmes movie I felt like I was being played. The film clearly reeks of Sherlock Holmes want to be. But it is constantly going back and forth between breaking the fourth wall and trying to impress the viewer with the demeanour of their amazing shooting.

The movie is for 12+ but it would be appropriate for people under to watch it or 18-.


Netflix has been releasing many movies after Disney+ came out. A lot. But I cannot tell you how many of them I liked or watched.

The Witcher was a flop for me. Loved the game's series, even the second and first one, adored the third game. But I couldn’t watch past 2 episodes, and it is still sitting in my “To Watch” folder.

All that I use Netflix for is just watching Friends. It is what I go to sleep with and it is what keeps me entertained. Sometimes if I am too bored by Friends, I will go and watch How I Met Your Mother which is super similar with a hint more sexuality.

Free time

I have heard a famous saying that CEO of Netflix said:

Our greatest competitor is sleep

I agree that they need to be aware on what exactly people spend time on. But their choice of movies they choose to produce is pitiful.

I would never choose something relaxing and enjoyable, even just watching friends or walking or jogging to watching something like Enola Holmes. I just don’t get it.

I truly believe this is not just me and I have heard multiple talks on this. If you don’t like black mirror and triller/horror type series, Netflix has nothing to offer to you.

I might be trying Apple+ and Disney+ soon. The Star Wars universe series is really exciting. Hopefully, it will not be same as Sherlock universe series I just watched.