Sticking to habits

Jul 9 2021

<p>Sticking to habits</p>

I have heard many different things in regards to productivity. The thing that I am most interested in for the past couple of years has been habits.

Most of the time, I heard the saying that when it comes to habits, the most important thing is never to skip a day.

And it can seem like a perfect thing that you should always strive always to do your habit no matter how many times you have done it in the past and no matter what you have regarding other plans. If you have a habit, then you have to do the habit every single day.

Never miss a day. Even though it seems like a great thing to be aiming towards, it doesn’t really work in reality.

Sometimes, even the best habits that only focus on improving our lives end up being bothersome and a burden if you feel obliged to do it while other important, urgent things get pushed aside.

But after all this time, I have started seeing and hearing about a different way to think about breaking the chain. Just like James Clear has said, it is not as much as never breaking a chain. It is more about never breaking the chain twice.

Never break the chain twice

If you think about it, the habit itself is something that comes naturally to you, and you don't feel yourself when you missed it.

I hope that it is safe to assume that all of us have a habit of brushing our teeth in the morning.

That is a habit that we do every single day and even more than once. We have been doing it ever since we were children, and more importantly, it is something we can’t negotiate about. We just have to do it.

But just like in everybody’s life, there were incidents that, for one reason or another, have made you not brush your teeth in the morning.

What did you do? Did you think that you have failed with your habit and ever since no longer brushed your teeth? Well, of course not. What is more, is that you most likely rushed to brush your teeth as soon as possible.

So why is then when we miss a single day of our habit, we overcorrect and stop doing the habit and the action altogether? That is exactly is the wrong way to account for all of this mentally.

Instead of never breaking the habit and consistently doing it with no exception, try to identify as a person who does this habit.

If you identify as a runner, even if you miss a single day of running, you will still call yourself a runner and keep on running the day after that.