Strive to perfection or happiness

Jan 21 2021

<p>Strive to perfection or happiness</p>

I haven’t thought that it is possible, but some people are actually happy with how things are right now with no desire to move forward. The worst part is that those people's lives are not perfect, and I would say very far from it, but somehow they stay there and don’t have any desire to live happier and more comfortable.

For myself, a person who actually focuses on progress and always striving for the next best thing, this has been a revelation that rocked my world upside down. “You don’t want to be promoted? You are fine with how things are? You are just living your life as it is?” With puzzlement, I asked.

This truly is a puzzle for me as this seems to be something that goes completely against what I believe in and what I do in life. Maybe most people are also the same and they simply not as upright about it as others. But I have changed my view on some people completely.

Before I used to think that life is an upward grind that eventually will get to the end when you arrive at the destination of a well-paid job or a business with comfortable live and happy surrounding. But it seems that for some, the end goal of life is not as much as earning a good amount or living happily. The end goal is simply surviving and living the very next day.

What we can take from these people

I think it is safe to say that you can become like that once you reach a certain threshold and stop worrying about promotions and other material things.

Once you reach your dream job where every moment that you spend working makes you happier, there is no reason to want a promotion or a better life. You are already living the dream.

Plus, chasing the next best thing can also be a very dangerous thing as you most likely will never be satisfied. Your life will involve going from one consumption pattern to more expensive consumption pattern with no improvement in the happiness level.

What I personally can take from this, is that in reality we are all living this life together, and some would be happy just being treated equally and fairly even if they are working at the low-end job. Some people not necessarily want a promotion or strive towards the promotion. Some people want to finish their workday and go back home and relax.

This article might seem silly and very straight forward to some people, but for me, this whole idea is very novel, and it seems that I have been quite out of touch with the real world and what exactly was going on.

From now on, I will try to talk more deeply with every person that I meet. These revelations help me grow and understand the world around myself better. Who knows how this could be used.

Either way. Don’t stay in one place if you are not happy. Go and get whatever you desire. It will all be worth it.

Klim Y