Success is a result of every day's action

Jan 16 2021

<p>Success is a result of every day's action</p>

Humans are terrible at understanding effect and causation when they are far away from each other. The air pollution example is one of the clearest and most definite problems ignored and underestimated every day for the last 20 years. The result? Increase the risk of stroke, and other deceases that accidentally come from solution.

There are too many people dying every year because they didn't see the effect of their actions years ago and its effect that it had on their lives today.

This is not only true explicitly for pollution. This is true for everything starting from the food that we eat and the way we live our lives.

Examples of a wrong understanding

If you are trying to eat healthily and improve your health, you must eat properly. A cheat meal once would not matter much. But if you repeat cheat meals weekly or even daily whilst still trying to eat healthily, you are not making yourself any favours. In reality, what you are most likely doing is constraining yourself during the healthy days and giving yourself a card to eat whatever you want for the other days. If you do this consistently, you are actually worsening your own health and damaging it more than improving it.

After all, it will only worsen off and your bad habit of having cheat meals that often will actually damage you instead of improving your overall well being.

The same can happen to everything that you do. Bad habits and things you are used to, not only make you worse then it also accumulates to make your life worst. As a simple habit gets build up into the much bigger problem.

A rock that drops from the top of the mountain eventually becomes an avalanche.

habits vs results that eventually build up

Good habits

It is not only bad, though. Instead of exercising every day, you instead eat a tub of ice cream, you will eventually face the consequences. But if you exercise every day, you will see the same effect of the cumulative effect you get form habits.

Doing exercise for a little amount of time, but consistently every day guarantees that you improve your health and improve the way your body feels and functions in the long term.

So if you build up your day with positive habits and keep the same routine for every single day, you will be improving daily and eventually will reach the heights of progress that you have never dreamed off before.

Learning a language

My favourite example is learning a language. If you study every day for 30 minutes, in a year(365 days), you will get 183 hours of studying the language in total.

Consider how many times you have said to yourself that you will learn a language and then find yourself in a couple of year with no progress what so ever. They say that it takes around 200 hours to learn the basics and 400 hours to speak freely. Would it not be all worth it in 2 years?

That is why when it comes to habits, making sure that you are consistent daily is the most important thing that you can do. After all, you are moving closer and closer to your goal with minimal effort with each and every day.

What is the most important step to start being productive and start your habit journey? The key is to start straight away.

Start now. Get perfect Later.

Klim Y