Taking time for result

Apr 26 2021

<p>Taking time for result</p>

I really hate when things are not determined and controlled by me.

Especially when you feel that there is potentially a way for you to control something, but instead, you are forced into the passive position where the only thing that you can do is wait.

I would have never thought that it is possible for something so simple to be so hard for myself.

What are the things that I was uncomfortable waiting for but somehow managed to make my peace with?

The first one would be investment.

I have really been an impatient and result-driven person that never wanted to lose and make mistakes. At first, I sucked at investment because I really had no idea what I was doing, and I wanted to make huge gains straight away.

That is where I learnt about margin calls and stop losses that make everything even worse.

Back then, I couldn’t even think that there could be a strategy that spans a couple of years. But now that I have been forced into a certain position, I love long positions because they allow you to really choose your investments as well as worry less about short term movements. After all, you see a real goal that you have had in mind.

The second one that I would consider being something that I am able to wait for is clientele and the nature of getting customers.

I feel that no matter whenever it is B2B or B2C business, it is only natural and logical that in order to get customers and sell something, you have to make sure to wait for the customer to arrive.

Sometimes it would take more than usual, and sometimes you will be swarmed by the possibilities. So even though it can be hard to wait for customers to arrive patiently, you can not rush things too much.

The last thing that I am not so sure I have made my peace with is SEO.

I have been writing non-stop for over half a year now, and I can tell you that it has been a very slow and painful ride. On top of that, I have not been able to really write SEO worthy content. I feel like because my content is very much tailored to the reader and my personal thought process. The way that I write goes against every single rule and advice that experts give, which can be one reason why the SEO that I do just doesn’t work, and it has nothing to do with waiting.

So sometimes, maybe waiting is not the best course of action. Identifying when changing something is required is just as important to get the results.