The border between work and life

Nov 17 2020

<p>The border between work and life</p>

My day

I usually have jam-packed days at work, and I have meetings, phone calls and other responsibilities that needed to get covered.

I can’t really schedule any things outside of work during the window of a workday. I also wake up way too early for some people to meet before work. After work, I am too drained and mentally tired to be the best conversationalist, and so it also doesn’t make sense to meet too late in the evening.

What is left? To find something that I can somehow do during the workday.

For me, that has been working at something that I am very passionate about. If we spend most of our lives at work and doing work relate things, I want to be enjoying it.

There is no reason to work for 8 hours a day and hating every single minute. I want to love every single minute, just like I love the time outside of work.

What I did

I first off started adjusting everything around me to put me into the best mindset when working. If it is in office, I change the table, got a lamp and go to other things that help me have a more productive day.

Once we all went to work at home regime, I bought myself a great table when I lie down and made so that there are no distractions when I work.

I also tried going into the flow state every time I do work so that instead of 8 hours that I would spend on working tasks, I could spend 4 hours and enjoy the rest of the day off, doing other tasks.

What others did

What surprised me is that no-one else that I spoke to wanted to do anything about their lives. Some people have been working in a profession for 10 years, and they hated it. The only reason they work is that they need a financial part and everything else is unimportant to them.

Those and others didn’t want to change anything, nor even think of improving their working time.

At first, I didn’t understand why as it means having to work less, but then I realised. They hate their job, because they don’t want to adjust and become better, not because the job is bad or unsuited for them.

This has been a common trend I now see everywhere. Maybe lying to yourself during the process of change, that you have improved your job plays a role here, but I can tell you that my life has gotten a lot better ever since then.

Embracing change and learning

I think that I quote Einstein way too much with this, but:

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”

If you are not willing to change or learn, then no-one beside you would do it. What would end up happening is your life becoming a mess of the same mistakes happening over and over.

If you want to have a better life, don’t constantly complain and do something about it. As long as you try different things, life will reward you will improvements and better clarity. In the process of change, people really get to know themselves and everyone around them.

Like with everything,

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y