Thinking instead of doing

Sep 1 2021

<p>Thinking instead of doing</p>

I have said prior that even though the balance should be 75% thinking and 25% doing. My own balance is somewhere around 90%-10%.

That is why even though thinking is required, I overdo it.

The fact that I have been talking and thinking much more than doing is something that is very foreign to my ideal way of life.

The fact that I have not been writing for months, after writing for 6 months straight with no break, is something that only mad man would do.

Is this the burnout people keep on talking about?

The fact that prior I was focusing on things that led me to nowhere is a whole different problem that annoys me even more.

Writing 250 blogs and getting barely any SEO traffic and any traction?

The fact that I couldn’t stick to my habits and instead have fallen to the routine of working with no self-improvement is probably the worst of it all.

What I will do now

I need to accept that there is no turning back and no way to get back the time wasted.

I didn't lose time as I have thought initially. On the opposite, I have grown smarter, older and more experienced.

I now know what I want, how I want it and what steps I need to take to achieve that.

As well as now I have decided on what my position on many important topics that should enable me to grow as a person.

This has helped me find the way to move forward.

I have tried many things during this time and even managed to create a successful business(more on this in the future).

This means that now I will return to this blog and some of the habits that I have been so painfully building up prior to May 2021.

You can await new blog posts and new notes.

Better in context, content and editing.

Better quality overall.

I have finally decided that it is very selfish of me to ask you to read half-ass information in the world of information overload.

I will provide quality information. Information that should be relevant and very much better than anything you will easily find online.

I want you to be amazed and inspired by what you read.

At least that is the plan.

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Klim Y