Thinking Through

Nov 2 2020

<p>Thinking Through</p>

Before you make a decision that can affect your future, even if that’s one week of effect. Do the following to have no regrets.

Take a piece of paper, write the decision in mind on top. Separate the paper into 2 columns with + and - at either side.

And that is it. Don’t actually write anything yet.

This process of just separating the topic into positives and negatives will prompt your brain to think of it. Mostly people don’t do this exercise as it is very painful to sit through the annoying process of thinking of outcomes and their effect on your life.

What is not hard, is just separating a piece of paper with a line.

Try it, it will give you an imaginable power to think different to everyone around about this situation. That way you are ready to see every detail and understand how it will affect you and your surrounding.

Decisions need to be made

Don’t postpone making a decision. If you have to make it. Do it straight away as you have enough basic information to make an informed decision.

Do some research, ask questions, and get opinions. But don’t postpone the decision until you have 100% of the information. You will never have 100% and it is no reason to stop your decision because of that.

As with everything, use the Pareto rule of 80/20. There is no other way to better go about your decisions.

pareto diagram circles

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y