Your thinking works

Jul 6 2021

<p>Your thinking works</p>

Yesterday I had a very cool thing happen for the first time.

I have just finished writing yesterdays article and started reading one of the books that I have bought on my book shopping spree.

Without even knowing what the book contained, I have met the 2 basic principles that I have written about.

The 2 minute and the 5 minute rules.

I did not create these rules myself. I have learnt about them also from someone else. But the fact that the things that I truly believe in and have been using for an extended period of time are used as a basic principle for productivity in a best selling book… that is just a whole new level of reassurance.

Reassurance that I am doing the right thing and with the right state of mind.

I tend to question everything that I do and everything that I have. But maybe, I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself and instead, really start to believe in what I do.

There is a huge problem that all of the productivity enthusiasts go through where they try to improve anything they do, but at some point, it can be more productive to simply stop and try to stay in the productive mind where you are at now.

Today just some thoughts that have really blasted me away, and I hope they can potentially help you too.

Klim Y