Towering thoughts of success

Mar 23 2021

<p>Towering thoughts of success</p>

What are your most strong desires that you have that only you know of? How good or bad are they, and what have you done to achieve them?

Do you realise that if you want to achieve something, the best way to do that is to devote every single living moment, every single habit, and everything you could to start working towards that goal.

Another way to get to the goal is to visualise it in everything and anything that you do. As long as you constantly strive to the goal completion and you constantly have that in the back of your mind, it is inevitable that you will get there sooner or later.

Goals and habits

I know that the other thing that you can do to achieve goals is to use habits that you build up every day and do every day until the point where they are on such an automatic repeat that you are not able to do anything else before you have completed them.

For me, that has been writing and doing the Roam routine that I have set up for myself.

If I somehow, or for some reason, miss a single day of writing my thoughts or doing udemy courses, I would feel incredibly irritated and unhappy.

The reason for that is because the habit of doing that action and achieving something is so deeply embedded into your brain and into my thoughts that there is no other way for you to achieve that state without doing the action itself.

Think of the different ways that you can go about getting to your goal. As long as you get to it done by simply showing every day without the constant fear and feeling of guilt, isn’t that the best way to go about it? If you can guarantee that no matter what you do, you will get to the point where you want as long as you give it enough practice and patience? If that is not the best feeling in the world, then what is?