Time schedule during the day for better energy

Nov 24 2020

<p>Time schedule during the day for better energy</p>

How do you spend your day

Do you realise that you are much more productive during the morning and day than you are during the evening?

Productivity = Result/Time

If you don’t believe me, you can measure it. Not form the memory but actually measure it with the metrics. I bet you would be surprised.

I have already done a post about Morning Routines of Most Successful People as well as one about How to wake up early so if you would like to learn how or why you can do it there.

The main post of this is to tell you that you don’t realise how is your body reacting to the times of the day you are in.

  • When you are feeling tired at around 12 o’clock, and you go for a coffee, that is your body telling you to stop working as it is unproductive.
  • When you come back from lunch, and you just want to have a nap, that is your body telling you to take a break.
  • When you are struggling for the last hour just to do some pretend work, or you keep on checking your emails. That is your body telling you to get the hell away from work.

You might think that this is all because of your job and that you just don’t enjoy it. The actual reason is that your body’s energy has peaks and throughs and you, as the owner of your body, are responsible for utilising those peaks as much as possible.

How to improve your energy through the day

Your homework is to get a blank piece of paper with a pen and put it next to your bed.

When you wake up, you record how long was your sleep and how you felt the day before and once you woke up. Keywords could be: Sleepy, tired, sad, well-rested, energised, happy.

Then you take that piece of paper, and you carry it with you for the whole day.

Every time you have spent a good amount of time working really hard or you were proud of the work that you did. You record the time and place of where and when you did it.

Also every time you feel tired, and you crave caffeine, you record that down: “Feeling tired, 12:15. I want to drink coffee.”

Do that for at least a day. See what you got, what times were you working hard and what times were you down?

That would tell you at what times you should be working and at what times you should be taking a quick 5 to 15-minute break. Believe me, your boss won’t even notice that you are taking a break.

Mornings and its magic

Also, you might have found a particular pattern. After lunchtime, you work productively a lot less, and you are feeling tired a lot more. Before lunch, you only might have 1 or 2 slumps.

Well, the reason for that is because as humans are animals of the mornings. We never had any real source of light for tens of thousands of years. Our bodies and brain adapted, that before it is dark, we need to secure the space around us and prepare to sleep so that we can wake up just at the sunrise the next day and carry on with surviving.

Well, if you are waking up not at the sunrise but later, you are basically wasting the precious time of your life. Your body gives an extra-strong boost to your energy in the mornings. If you sleep through that, then only you can blame yourself for that.

I challenge you to take the same blank piece of paper and re-record yourself. But today go to sleep early and wake up much earlier as well. I bet you would be shocked.

Not only will your productively work in the mornings, but you will also feel a lot less tired during the day. This enables you to get your life in a natural rhythm of life where you can spend mornings, working on something significant, something that you actually care and proud about.

Don’t underestimate mornings

It is such a magical thing that simply get ignored by most of the population. I think if humanity as a whole put the norm to wake up at 4 or 5, we would have insane progress and much less problem with alcohol and other social problems.

The worst of us come out late at night.

I ask of you to try waking up early. There is no harm.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y