Timing is key

May 9 2021

<p>Timing is key</p>

Think about the different things that have happened in your life. On average, how long did it take for something or anything to happen since the time you have started?

What prerequisites did you require to achieve what you have achieved? How much time have you spent on that?

Now think about the time that it took for you to get something else ready to achieve after the successes that you have? Was it fast, or was it slow?

By asking yourself these questions, I am trying to force you to understand that even if you are impatient and feel that you have no way to wait for something to happen, or even think that you have already spent a long amount of time working on something, you have to realise that it most likely hasn’t been even close to long enough.

It takes a long time to achieve success and the amount of time and effort that you invest to reaching this is also incredibly important.

Do not take for granted what time can do. Do not take for granted what effort spread through days, weeks and months can do.

One step is the first step to achieving success, but to reach the end or the end goal, you have to make that step many-many times.

Do the steps, believe in the process, and you will be at your destination before you know it.

What matters is not what you choose to be your deadline. What matters is if you have made enough effort and things before it. Spending an adequate amount of time is what really matters.

Time helps you grow

Sometimes, especially if you are used to the world of school and such, when you come into the real world, it can feel really weird that you can not get something straight away by putting in enough effort.

For me, because I came from gaming, it also doesn’t make any sense.

In the world of instant gratification, not getting something straight away but instead being forced into waiting for the result can feel like a worse experience of your life.

But at the same time think about what you are doing. If you keep on working and practising, effectively you are making yourself better. If you are better, that means in the future, any task that you will take once again, it will be easier and will take much-much less time and effort.

Think of time as an investment. Considering that we all have only a limited amount of time on our hand, choose your investment wisely but surely. If you chose to commit and you understand why, you have to keep on going and staying strong.

Time is a hard thing to really understand, and especially if you are not sure what to do with your life or what your life is supposed to be, we sometimes really waste it away on things that, in reality, don’t matter.

But if you do realise that and instead choose the right things, you will be surprised to feel how awesome life will flow.

The feeling of happiness that you will get from spending time is the feeling that very few people ever experience. If you find that job, work, the person that you love spending time on, hold on to it forever.

Klim Y