Tired and Doing

Apr 29 2021

<p>Tired and Doing</p>

Actually, today I had had a crazy day, nearly as crazy as yesterday when I performed and really made a super huge toll on myself.

In the future, whenever I perform, I would have to make sure that I clear my schedule. Because even though habits are important, but the sheer tiredness that you experience after you do it is something that only a few people would be able to understand.

Imagine that you have had to talk to your boss and explain to him something while being under huge pressure of being fired every second. Well, that is exactly how I felt before and during the performance.

To tell you the truth, it has been a really great performance, and I would love to do it again.

The most important thing that I got out of it is even if you are tired, you have to make sure that you perform to your 100% in order to get to the most important part. To the success that awaits you on the other side of the scary world that you are trying to get.


You can probably imagine how tired I felt, and I still somehow managed to complete all of my habits.

Today I had an even crazier day, and somehow I still managed to do nearly everything, except the web novel. That is something that I have missed out on and have to make sure that I do tomorrow with a huge passion.

But because of the number of things that are going on in my life, I sometimes question whenever my habits are worth it, but then I look at the amazing results that I got on the web novel as well as the amount of writing that I have done over the existence of the blog I take those thoughts back and simply allow myself to marvel in the bright light of my existence.

For writing, it is very hard to provide anything of good or high quality during the times when you are not 100% present mentally. That is why I feel the morning pages are so great because they let you take out all of the mindless and senseless things that you have, and the next time you write something, that would allow you to really feel your writing take the next, more focused stance.

I feel that even if I take any more of my habits away, the one that I won’t touch would be exactly it.