Today is the Present

Jan 3 2021

<p>Today is the Present</p>

How do you make sure that you achieve the goals that you set out?

You design a system that makes you focus on a tiny part of the goal, daily, and eventually, you will reach the goal.

What is it called? Creating a daily habit practice.

Every complex goal requires constant action, and breaking the goal into small tasks is what habit is called.

How do you not burnout? You need to forget about the goal and focus on what you have as a TO-DO today.


"The future is a mystery; the past is history; NOW is a gift, that's why it's called the present."

If you would like to be successful in life, you must make sure that you are not chasing dreams or reminiscing about the past. If you want to succeed than the most important time is today.

If you show up every day and do the correct tasks as best as possible, you will eventually reach heights that you could never dream off.

Every day that you show up is the same as putting a small brick down. Eventually, when enough bricks accumulate, they will become a wall. A wall is a major part of the goal. Before you know it, a combination of many walls will become a house.

That is the power of showing up every day.


One of the most important things is not focusing on the past and being fixated on your past mistakes.

I am not saying that you should forget everything from it, but making sure that you learn from the mistake and don’t focus on them is key in achieving great heights.

If you failed once, doesn’t mean that you will fail again.

Breaking down once doesn’t mean that you can’t control yourself.

Make sure that you learn from your mistakes, but also that you don’t become your mistakes.

Your past is not supposed to dictate who you are.


You must know where you are going and in what way you will get there, but you must not constantly chase the goal and remind yourself of what it is. That will only lead you to burnout and to worse performance.

Best way to achieve goals and get to the finish line is to run a marathon, not a sprint. By creating positive and sustainable habits, you guarantee yourself to succeed eventually.

Ensuring that your present aligns with the future and will eventually get you there is the best way to live life happily.

Being happy

All of us don’t get happy by getting a lot of money, nor by being the most popular person. We get happy by doing daily work that we love and daily being surrounded by people that we love and they love us back.

Having happiness as the end goal is the best way to live comfortably. While achieving happiness, you will go on many challenges on your path. If your goals are correct and your habits are properly aligned, success and fame will come unintentionally as success in one part of life attracts success in other parts of life.

Start being happy right now and stop delaying your gratification.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y