Travel is so good

Mar 14 2021

<p>Travel is so good</p>

Every time I stay in one place, I tend to forget how great it feels to travel the world and experience new things. Even coming back to places you have already been to can make you feel things that you forgot.

I have been staying back in Russia for over 2 months, and because there are no Covid measures, everything is bustling and with activity. But at the same time, it is -27 degrees outside.

I even travelled in the country and really felt amazing, but going somewhere completely different is a much better experience.

Now that I have finally arrived somewhere where it is around +10-15 degrees C, I can say that it feels so good to travel.

travel view window sae

At first, again, I was travelling to Europe with a big question whenever I was doing the correct thing. Especially that now they have introduced something very similar to lockdown where nearly every single cafe or shop are closed.

But I went from the airport, dropped off my bags, met with people that I had to meet, and then went to the seafront and together with an amazing latte and croissant, and I have enjoyed one of the best relaxing moments of my life.

I am not going to lie. I have been stressed for a long while now, trying to balance work, job, hustle and the new love of my life that I found. But now that I am here, all of those problems seemed to disappear, and the only thing that is left is my tranquillity and enjoyment of the moment.

It has been a role-coaster of a year, but every day I discover something new and exciting for myself. Something that really makes my body boil and get excited.

That is why now that I am finally able to focus on things that matter to me, I can breathe out with my lungs, not really caring about anything.

Going out in the public

Yes, it can be very weird right now to experience Europe whilst everything, including the museums, is closed down. But in a way, it is another blessing that is there to enjoy the world's natural habitat.

Right as I was watching the waves, many people, instead of sitting in the cramped restaurants, chose to do the same thing that I did. They went to the seafront, sat on the rocks and enjoyed themselves. Even though the times around us are not the best, there are still little things that make us better.

I myself really do like being in the private and being by myself like I am right now. But I like just as much being in public from time to time. The main thing is that I get excitement and motivation to do something more, not prior to me doing the action, but during. The same is for socialising.

I can be stuck at home, working or doing god knows what and somehow avoiding social situation for months, but once I go out once, there is no stopping me.

Covid and its effects

The times of Covid changed the status quo of the world extremely fast. The times are still changing, and there are new things that come up each and every single day.

Right now, all the talk is about the difference that the Vaccine is going to make, and no matter how good it is, I have already switched sides from hating it to really seriously considering doing it as soon as possible.

I want to live a good life. A life where I am not constrained by fear or some rule. That is why taking the vaccine and protecting yourself and everyone around could be the best course of action.

Klim Y