Travelling right now

Feb 25 2021

<p>Travelling right now</p>

The Covid virus and the whole of 2020-2021 years have restructured the way we think and feel. Especially it has hit the travel and nomad industry.

There used to be people that travelled from country to country every month, if not more often than that. Now that the corona situation is only getting worse, people stopped travelling completely and instead stay either in their country or in their city.

That has much implication, but overall less travel means less globalisation and a worse economic situation, especially for countries relying heavily on tourism.

Number one thing when I talk about the coronavirus is travel as well as the whole idea of isolation. Suddenly people all over the world stopped even wanting to come close to each other due to this virus. Instead of being friendly and having a conversation with a stranger, which was already was hard before, now it is simply impossible because most people are sitting at home and not really going out. Even if someone does go out, they try to stay as far away from people as possible. I, of course, understand that and not judging, but it is simply sad to see the world go towards this.


So back to travelling and what does the reality of 2021 means about travel.

First off, it is not impossible to travel, but it is far harder and much more expensive.

You might think that because of lower demand, the prices should have dropped on everything? No. Those that owned Airbnbs and hotels still need to make the minimum amount of money to keep their apartments or hotels, and in order for them to do that, they need to charge now more as there are fewer occupants.

Also, the situation in many countries is completely different even though they are neighbours to each other.

We can see that from the difference of what is happening in France, Italy, UK and Germany right now. 4 countries that are right next to each other, but some have fully shut down the borders and have a structured quarantine, other countries have open everything and even working restaurants, while others only allow into the country those that have had the vaccine shot and still all entertainment is shut down there.

Some countries even ask from those that come from outside to go through a 14-day quarantine in your apartment after coming back. This demonstrates that even though hypothetically travel is possible, it is extremely hard to travel.

Also, overall travel is an integral part of what our society has become. Without travelling, it is very hard to say what will happen in the world and how our society will change.

The benefits of travel are not only there for your mental well-being, but they are hard proven actual studies that show that travelling has an extensive benefit on you.

It is sad to see the world in the way it is now, but nonetheless, people that used to travel still stay strong and, through all the hardships, stay true to their way of life.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y