Treat yourself well

May 12 2021

<p>Treat yourself well</p>

I have been really getting mixed signals from the way I have treated myself for the past couple of months.

I am not really saying that I have been mistreating myself, but clearly, I have been focusing very little on myself and a lot on others. At first, it started with a particular interest in a person, but very quickly, it has escalated into a desiring need for that person.

To say the least, that feeling and action are not healthy, and instead of helping me to get somewhere, they have worsened my connection with my own body and my own spirit.

The connection that I am talking about is very ethereal, and you can only feel it when you really do understand yourself. Most likely, a lot of you already have that connection and maybe even realise what I am talking about, but in the moments when your own self goes and become a secondary character in your life, you lose it and the way you feel changes.

You feel empty and crushed whenever you are alone and what is more, is that you feel that your own desires and goals are much less important than before.

It is as if you have been replaced by a different person that sole purpose is to fit to every desire of the loved one. That is an incredibly dangerous and hazardous thing to be experiencing.

Realising that you at that point is step number one in starting to heal.

Looking inside of yourself

You might not realise, but you yourself are the most important person in the universe to yourself, no matter how you look at it.

Why? Because if you don’t exist and you don’t focus on yourself, you can not do anything.

What is more, is that you can not do anything good or bad because you have put yourself on the bench so far away that you haven’t even learnt a way to help others.

You might have been focusing on something else but yourself for the past years, and you might have been really trying hard to succeed in one particular path, but what happened to yourself?

Most likely, you have lost touch with yourself that, as it turns out, have worsened your ability to really understand yourself.

Why does it even matter?

Think of what you can do and what you can achieve. Why are you able to do those things?

You have most likely worked hard to earn that skills and to get to the point of where you are now.

How you achieved it? By working incredibly hard on yourself and making it through challenges that were painful and exhausting. That is the process of self-learning that makes us grow and improve.

If you don’t have any challenges and struggles for yourself and instead you spend all of your time worrying about the other person, it means that you have taken away the chances for yourself to learn and improve but also for that other person to grow.

You have effectively made both people’s life worse by putting in more effort. If you have just been more down to earth, you would have let the things go as they go and, in the end, come out as a better person.

Understanding that life is not really about others but about yourself in the first place is the thing that really makes you try to get to the next level of life without spending all of it on others.