Understand the basics

Apr 13 2021

<p>Understand the basics</p>

I feel that over the years, it has only become harder and harder to spot the most logical and obvious things and much easier to spot things that are complicated and supposedly uncommon.

The way our brain works is that it constantly tries to analyse patterns and systems that make up our world.

Most of the time, these things do pay off and enable people to make good and very well-thought-out decisions. But other times, when there are answers that are right in front of people, and they still are unable to see through them, it means that they have fallen to their own mentality of overcomplicating everything.

Even though it can be useful to make and work with hard logic, most of the time, the most basic and easy logic is what really determines whenever a person would solve a problem.

Most of the time, overcomplicating does much worse than good no matter how you look at it because it stops you from getting to the most basic details.

Why is that important? The underlying principles are the things that guide life, and as long as you understand them, you can optimise and change the way you think about life and work in general, letting you go far and wide above the rest of the community.


An example would be looking at Coca-Cola and seeing that the way they make money is by actually being present in every single store, no matter how big or small it is. They don’t choose where they are sold. They simply sell their cans or bottles everywhere and anywhere they could.

That is why when going to the store, you will see Coke there, and if you have had experience consuming it in the past, you will make sure that you will pick it up.

That is a very interesting strategy.

The second strategy that they use is by giving themselves the total vision of being linked directly to Christmas and red colour.

I think everywhere in the world, and especially in the US, Coke is basically the synonym to Santa Clause as if you look at the history, they have paid unbelievable sums of money to change him to the way he is right now back in the 1960s.

Why is that important? Why the basics such as that matter?

Well, because you can see how they manipulate your consciousness and use it in any way you want.

If you have been having problems with the drinking too much Coke, you can think of the reason that you do and tackle it from the bottom to try to deal with it.

And that is true for anything, from money to the way people behave around you. Everything comes from the basics.

Klim Y