Updates for the sake of Updates

Nov 14 2020

<p>Updates for the sake of Updates</p>

Information and its abundance

There has been a strange world in the post generations of iPhone. Some updates didn’t change a thing from the user perspective.

Both in hardware, software and design. The updates that basically either forced you to buy a new phone or updates that were talked about as revolutionary didn’t do anything.

That is a crazy thing to think about. We live in a world of constant information overdrive. There is just too much information for us to waste our time looking and investing in something sub-par.

There has been a concept that the most successful writers and content creator have been using to get the best reach and get the biggest impact from their content.

It was to make the best content that is different from the mass. Make it so that people are eager to get more content from you with your personal style embedded.

Apple disappointing

Apple has been putting out content in each of their conferences that didn’t really move anyone it seems.

Yes, it is something new, but it is not something completely new like the iPad or iPhone or iPod was. There is nothing revolutionary coming any more.

iPhone one 1

There can be 3 reasons for this in my opinion:

  1. Most of the upgrades these days is switching old, manual algorithm that hard-coded behaviour and responses are being switched to faster and more advanced and flexible machine learning and neural networks algorithms. So, the most significant change for the iPhone is happening under the hood, which is not really seen until Apple can do some really crazy stuff after everything is integrated.
  2. The death of Steve Jobs has been too big of a blow on the creative and time side. He propelled people into new gadgets and forced deadlines. He was the most passionate person in making money and creating something so huge and amazing that everyone would want it.
  3. There is a technological limit being hit. The biggest thing these days with all the hardware manufacturers is that their progress is about to slow down as there is not enough technology to make their products faster and quieter and smaller. NVidia is using machine learning to boost their graphics cards. AMD has had to resort to neural networks to boost their performance. Intel has been stuck with the same idea of improving their product from 2000.

All of this is either very exciting or very disappointing.

It means that maybe, just maybe, there is a huge technological breakthrough coming in the couple of years that will bring the whole industry upside down.

Or it means that we have hit a plateau in the technology field and their technology will be more of a tool to work on other components of life, rather than being the biggest focus.

I am not sure what it is, but I see that our life will be very different from what it is right now in 10 years. Not even taking coronavirus into account.


As we know, technology is like a weapon that can either make you a villain if misused or a hero if used correctly.

Technology is just like that. You can either destroy your life by being a slave to social media and other forms of time wasters. Or you can elevate yourself to the next level by creating, learning, and researching with it.

What matters the most to the normal human being is not what you have, but how you use it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s iPhone 12 or iPhone 24. What matters is what you do with it.

Like with everything, you need to work your way from the bottom:

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y