Change of scenery and rest

Feb 21 2021

<p>Change of scenery and rest</p>

I have been a remote worker for a long while now, for more than 11 months, and now I have finally found that the weekdays and weekends tend to blend in together no matter what you do. Sometimes you find yourself thinking and even doing work on the weekends because you are at home where you do your work every day.

That is a huge reason that can lead to burnout and the constant feeling of stress and tiredness. At first, I didn’t really understand what the reason I was feeling like that was, but over the months and random trial and error, I have found that if you are working 5 days a week from home, you must do something on the weekend that includes being outside or in a different house.

That is because your brain doesn’t know if it is a weekend or not. It knows that you are still at the same place, and considering that your days have gone the same for the past months and you have programmed your brain to switch on to work when you are home, it feels exactly the same no matter if it is a weekend or not.

Going out on weekends

As I have said, a complete change of scenery is a crucial thing that you can do for yourself to rejuvenate yourself and your level of tiredness completely.

One of my favourite things to do is renting out an Airbnb for a day or two, away from the city and simply living there in the moment.

The most important thing is to spend the weekend differently than your weekdays. That will improve your mental health as well as overall your happiness level as your mind loves trying and feeling different things.

The most amazing thing is that once you find something that you love doing on the weekends you don’t have to constantly switch to new things, as long as it differs from your routine you will get all the benefits and even more.

If you look at the prices of homes outside the cities, you will see a sharp rise. This is because they are the prime target for the new users of Airbnb as well as just a better home as you are in the countryside both on the weekdays and the weekends. This allows you to experience the best things without needing to spend money on additional Airbnbs every week or every month.

For me, this idea didn’t come easily, and I have experienced many hard and very tiring weeks, but now that I know how to spend weekends and relax, I started enjoying work more as well as appreciating life overall much more than before.