What is your goal?

Dec 13 2020

<p>What is your goal?</p>

Have you asked yourself the question of - where is all of this going?

It is probably first appeared in your head after a long day of work or after you have been annoyed by one of your colleagues.

The main idea of the question is, what you are doing right now, where will this lead me in 5 years?

That is actually, one of the most important questions that you gotta ask yourself. This is the question that I ask annually to every employee, and that is also the last question in every interview that I do.

This is not based on personal ideas. There is a research that backs this up.

Your life in 5 years.

Imagine that you as you are living your life the same way for the next 5 years.

Now answer these questions:

  • Are there any changes that happened?
  • Are you working at the same job?
  • Did you get promoted?
  • Are you single or in a relationship?
  • How are you finance?
  • How is your physical health?
  • How is your mental health?
  • Are you happy?

Once you answered those question(preferably written the answers down). Look at the goal that you always had on the back of your mind.

What is it? The dream job? The dream carrier? Or a partner that you always fancied and wanted to go out with? Or is it having a passive income so that you can quit your job and travel the world?

Now, imagine that you have achieved your goal. Have your life drastically changed? Ask yourself exactly the same question as you did before, but now you have the ultimate goal in the play.

Is your life better? If yes, then do everything you can to achieve that goal.

No? Small changes? Stop thinking of that goal and try achieving something that would actually change your life.


Now that you have the goal written down and you made sure it resonates with you and your well being in 5 years, you now need to write a way you are going to achieve that goal.

Make sure that your goal is something that you actually know that you want, no matter how crazy it is. Maybe your goal can not be achieved in the 5 year period. The point is that once you achieve that goal, your life must get better.

Now you want to break down the goal into parts.

Every grand endeavour started with something extremely small.

Think of the marathon and how it starts with a single step, think of multi-billion business as google or Facebook and how it started with the first small step.

That is why, what you want to do is break the goal to such small parts, that you can start right now with the first step.

Every section must have something that you must be aiming towards. And by breaking down the ways to achieve those small goals by doing something, every single day, will make sure that you achieve it in no time.

Yes, you saw that right. Strive toward your goal every single day.

I am not a believer of two, three or four times a week schedule. I believe that if you really want to do something and want to keep on doing it for an extended period of time, you have to integrate it into a daily routine.

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend. The minimum is 2 minutes per every task, but you can extend it based on the feeling to however long you can.

Doing 2 minutes every day is not that big a deal, am I right? Imagine that those 2 minutes will become 800 minutes or 13 hours in a year that you solely spent on working towards your dream. That is way more than a majority that in their life, time never spent an hour.

Current times

I understand that at the correct time of pandemic and uncertainty all around us, it could be tough to think about the future. But I think that there won’t be a better time than now to set the direction that you are heading.

Maybe you don’t have a job right now. Maybe you have additional time that you are spending on relaxation that you can use to work on a side project or go running.

The point is that at the times of the biggest distress, the biggest and craziest opportunities present themselves. If you are not ready to grab them, someone else will.

Start now. Get perfect later.

Klim Y