Work is rest

Apr 17 2021

<p>Work is rest</p>

I have very recently came across a distinct type of people claiming that they don’t rest and are extremely happy with their lives.

More than that, the rest that they do get is more of an opportunity to occupy their head with something else while their prefrontal cortex works passively in the background on truly important things.

I, at first, was sceptical about the way they don’t separate work and resting life and to tell you the truth, it is basically the same thing that I have been doing for ages.

I don’t separate weekdays and weekends, and the only difference for me is whenever my employees and colleagues would be available to get hold of. But over the years, it has become much more evident to them that even if I don’t contact them all through the week, I can still message them and talk to them on the weekend.

I find myself working from anywhere and everywhere, and on top of that, I find that it is much easier to focus and stay productive this way.

I have stopped worrying about being in the office or having a right surrounding. Who said that a stool chair in the bar is not the right place to make important phone calls?

Poolside chair? It still can be a great office.

But more often than not, it is the remoteness as well as the ability to do work all the time whenever you are focusing on is the most fundamental thing that really has enabled me to stay creative all through the time.

I have not even a single time since starting to becoming remote have regretted it.

What does it mean to rest

Rest is not about not doing anything. Rest is about changing your focus from the routine to something else.

If you only get gratification and enjoyment from your rest and not from your work, you are in much bigger trouble than you think you are.

It is not okay to hate your job. It is only okay to love your job with a burning passion.

The most important thing is to understand is that life is a little too short to waste 70% of it on something that you don’t enjoy.

Work and have a job that you love so much that you can not live a single day without it, even at the weekends.